What are top reasons for choosing a print book over an ebook (infographic)

Top reasons for choosing the print books over the ebook #infographic

If you think the smell is a major reason to stick to print books, you’re wrong.

According to the infographic created by Colour & Thing, only 11% of users picked up the smell as a reason for choosing a real life book.

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The infographic is based on a poll conducted by Fatbrain, a UK-based print book marketplace. Over 1,000 Fatbrainers responded.

The No. 1 benefit is emotional – feeling – taking 65% of answers. However, right behind, there are two very down-to-earth reasons: learning (61%), and sharing (58%).

I read both print and electronic books. Convenience is what brought me to reading ebooks, availability is the major reason to read the traditional way.

What are top reasons why you pick up a print book and not the digital one?

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