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Tips to help children refocus on reading (infographic)

Tips to get children refocus on written word - reading is in decline

The internet makes us distracted. Our attention span shrinks, we move too easily from reading to scrolling, every second page of the book we need a tweet-break.

Now, imagine our kids – the generation that doesn’t know the world without the internet, animated gifs, looping 6-second videos, or quick Facebook updates.

We suffer from distraction. Our kids are distracted by default.

The infographic from Chronicle Books, a shopping site with wonderful personalized books, shows how to make the children focus – or refocus – on written word.

You don’t necessarily have to buy paper books and push your kids to read them. They are digital natives. If they prefer to stay in a digital environment while turning their attention to a book, just make it happen.

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Tips to get children refocus on written word #infographic

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