How tablets and e-readers can improve learning skills (infographic)

Using tablets for teaching

Technology makes its way to the classrooms. The challenge is to use it in the most effective way.

50% of American teachers and administrators claim their students use technology 5 days a week. But do the teachers and students make the most use of their computers, tablets or e-readers?

Take a closer look at the interesting infographic prepared by the research team from Early Childhood Education Degrees.

The visual analyzes how different devices are being used on different education levels. The most popular device in elementary and middle schools is a small tablet, giving way to large-screen tablets when students start high school.

Despite their limitations, e-readers are being used by a surprisingly large number of students:

  • elementary school – 26%,
  • middle school – 17%,
  • high school – 16%.

Tablets are used by students for:

  • doing homework – 70%,
  • doing research – 70%,
  • checking assignments – 55%,
  • taking notes – 47%,
  • reading ebooks – 46%.

These figures show classrooms become saturated with technology, but the question is whether the technology could be used more efficiently.

Teachers are increasingly tech savvy. Only 7% don’t use laptops or desktop computers. There is however, always the area of improvement, and it’s where Early Childhood Education Degrees can help.

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Using tablets in the classroom - infographic

Via Early Childhood Education Degrees Blog.

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