New ebook bundle from StoryBundle features Neil Gaiman’s novella

The Monarch of the Glen - Neil GaimanThe Monarch of the Glen, an original American Gods novella by Neil Gaiman is included in the newly released ebook bundle by StoryBundle.

Neil Gaiman’s novella is considered to be an extended epilogue to American Gods. It also gives interesting background for the main character, Shadow, who wanders around in Europe, ending up in Scotland.

Truly Epic Fantasy Bundle is called by the company “quite possibly our best bundle yet”. It is the best bundle yet.

Curated by Kevin J. Anderson, the bundle includes in the initial set (that you can get for as low as $3):

  • The Monarch of the Glen – Neil Gaiman
  • The Sacrifice – Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Spirit Walker – David Farland
  • MythWorld – James A. Owen
  • The Camelot Papers – Peter David
  • Bloodletting – Peter J. Wacks and Mark Ryan

There are three more titles if you decide to pay for the bundle $12 or more:

  • Clockwork Angels – Kevin J. Anderson
  • The Emperor’s Soul – Brandon Sanderson
  • The Immortals – Tracy Hickman

The bundle is DRM-free, available in epub and mobi format. The deal ends in 20 days, but I suggest to get it right now (or find out how much you’ll miss).

Truly Epic Fantasy Bundle

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