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Read at double your normal speed with this free Chrome extension

Spreed - read websites twice as fast

With Spreed, you’ll be able to double your normal reading speed – all without sacrificing comprehension.

It is estimated that the average person reads at around 200-300 words per minute, with anything quicker than that resulting in loss of comprehension.

Through habits like subvocalizing (sounding each word out in our heads), unconscious re-reading chunks of text and unnecessary eye movements, combined with constantly getting distracted by pop-up videos and ads, we are slowing our reading speed significantly without even knowing it.

But Spreed, the highest rated and most popular Chrome extension of its kind, helps eliminate these hindrances – and lets us enjoy reading news articles, blog posts, emails, Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader books, PDFs and ePUBs twice as fast without sacrificing comprehension.

How Spreed works

After installing Spreed Chrome extension, all you have to do is highlight the passage you want to speed read in Chrome and press Alt+V (or right-click and select Spreed selected text). A pop-up window will appear and immediately start “cleaning out” the text of the article for you.

Spreed displays the article word-by-word in a fixed position, highlighting one letter of each word in orange font to lock your eyes on.

The extension lets you adjust the words per minute, font size, number of words displayed at a time and display colors. You can also track your speed improvement and time saved while using Spreed.

Pro tip! If the WPM seems way too fast, try reading the text at a higher speed and then bring it back down.

Spreed utilizes a visual technique popular among the world’s fastest speed readers called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. Through displaying the article one word at a time with a fixed focal point for us to focus on, Spreed eliminates eye movement and utilizes peripheral reading to speed up the process even more.

Chances are, it took you around 1.5-2 minutes to read this article. With Spreed, you’d need half as much time.

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