Adobe finally makes reading PDFs easy on mobile devices

Adobe liquid mode launch

Say goodbye to pinching and scrolling around – with Adobe Liquid Mode, you’ll be able to read PDF documents in mobile-friendly formats.

If you’ve ever tried to read a long PDF document on your phone, you know that constantly having to zoom in and pinch the screen is extremely frustrating. Not to mention, it’s virtually impossible to mark and copy lines, or skip back and forth between sections.

But not anymore. Adobe has finally introduced Liquid Mode, a feature that automatically reformats text, images, and tables to make PDF documents easier to read on smaller screens.

All you need to do is press the Liquid Mode button in your Acrobat Reader app – the file is then sent to Adobe’s Document Cloud for processing and, once complete, you’ll be able to enjoy a compact, readable, and hassle-free version of your PDF document.

Powered by Sensei – Adobe’s artificial intelligence engine – Liquid Mode uses AI to automatically analyze and identify parts of a PDF document, such as headings, paragraphs, bullet lists, tables, and images, and convert them into mobile-friendly formats (all, of course, without changing the file itself).

Simultaneously, it creates an “intelligent outline”, with collapsible and expendable sections, searchable text, resizable words, tappable images, and more. Liquid Mode also enables a fair share of customization – readers can tailor font size and spacing between words, characters and lines.

Liquid Mode is available in the free Adobe Acrobat reader app for iOS and Android, including Google Play Store-compatible Chromebooks. Unfortunately, since it is still a developing technology, Liquid Mode is currently limited to PDF documents under 10MB and less than 200 pages long.

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