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You can save even $60 if you shop for iPad mini 5 on Amazon

Buy iPad mini 5 on Amazon and save $50

A price discount combined with a $50 instant reward on Amazon Store Card opening will let you buy iPad mini 5 for $340.

Since Amazon became an Authorized Apple Reseller in late 2018, the leading online store is putting a lot of effort to turn occasional buyers of iPad cases and accessories into frequent shoppers.

And now the company offers two incentives that will let you save up to $60 on the newest 7.9-inch iPad mini 5 – the best compact tablet in the world.

1. A small price discount

Generally, when you shop on Amazon, you can always save some dollars. Even when there are no active iPad deals, their prices are a few percent lower than in the Apple Store.

When it comes the newest iPad mini released in 2019, you can save up to $10 depending on the storage, color, and connectivity.

Here are the highlights:

2. Get $50 off on Amazon Visa Card sign-up

Get instant gift reward when buying iPad mini 5 on Amazon

You can save extra $40 or $50 on iPad mini 5 when you decide to apply for Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card. The reward will be applied instantly to your shopping cart.

Let’s look at total savings:

As you see, you can save up to $60 when you combine buying iPad mini 5 with signing up for Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card.

What are the benefits of Amazon Visa card?

  • Get 3% back when shopping on Amazon and Whole Foods Market.
  • Get 2% back at select gas stations, drugstores, and restaurants.
  • Travel benefits: no foreign transaction fees, travel accident insurance, travel and emergency assistance.
  • No annual credit card fee.

It’s not clear how long Amazon is going to offer the instant discount on getting the Amazon-connected Visa card. This offer is applied to all other iPad models, as well, and you can find all details in the official Authorized Apple Reseller store on Amazon.

You will achieve the highest price drop when picking up most affordable models: either iPad 9.7 or iPad mini 5.

Does it pay to get Amazon Visa card. If you are going to shop for other things related to iPad and other Apple products, Amazon offers the widest range of cases and accessories.

We’ve made a list of the best iPad mini 5 case covers, and 80% of them are available on Amazon.

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