Why it’s not worth buying an original iPad mini 5 Smart Cover

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Is original iPad mini 5 Smart Cover worth buying?
Is original iPad mini 5 Smart Cover worth buying? Read six reasons why it’s not

Smart Cover for iPad mini 5 offers a fraction of features available in third-party cases – for a price that’s at least twice as high.

If you are looking for reasons to buy the original Smart Cover for the 2019 iPad mini 5, you’ve landed in the wrong place.

I don’t think the Smart Cover is worth its price, and I’ve seen many great third-party iPad mini 5 cases already. Most of them are twice cheaper, and offer features I don’t see in Apple’s original case.

First, let’s look at the benefits of Smart Cover, which also apply to the version tailored for iPad mini 5:

  • partial protection of the iPad against dust and scratches
  • auto sleep/wake function support
  • built-in stand
  • high quality
  • great selection of colors
  • iPad mini 5 and mini 4 cross compatibility

And now let’s see why this set of benefits does not justify the high price.

6 reasons not to buy iPad mini 5 Smart Cover

1. It protects only the front

It’s the major problem I have with Apple’s original covers. Protecting the display from scratches is of the highest importance, but I would not be happy to see (even the tiniest) scratches on the back, either.

What is the best iPad case, when it comes to protection? It’s the one that protects all sides. It should protect the front and the back. And it should give an enhanced corner protection to increase chances of surviving an accidental drop.

What’s the alternative? If you don’t care about the back of the iPad, you can buy a screen protector for under $10. Here are iPad mini 5 screen protectors that you can currently get on Amazon.

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2. Auto sleep / wake support is a standard

90% of third-party iPad mini 5 cases offer support for auto sleep / wake – a function that wakes up the tablet when you raise the front cover, and puts it to sleep when you close it.

3. Tri-fold cover is not good enough for smaller devices

In the past, I’ve been using tri-fold covers on 7 and 8-inch tablets. From my experience, the smaller the device, the less helpful the tri-fold cover.

When you want to use it in a horizontal position, for instance for typing, the display is raised not high enough to make a difference.

When you want to use the stand in a vertical position, it is unstable.

4. It doesn’t have Apple Pencil holder

iPad mini 5 supports the 1st-generation Apple Pencil, and many users consider buying the stylus.

Note: the 2019 mini doesn’t sport a cool feature which lets you attach Apple Pencil to its side for wireless charging. It’s reserved for iPad Pro 2018 models and Apple Pencil 2.

When you get the Apple Pencil, you’ll need something to protect it, right? Smart Cover doesn’t offer it.

One solution is to buy a standalone Apple Pencil holder. A better solution is to get an iPad mini 5 case that sports a built-in holder for Apple’s original stylus.

5. It’s not unique

Getting Smart Cover in one of four available colors won’t make you exceptional. You’ll join millions of other Apple addicts who carry their iPads dressed in Charcoal Gray, Papaya, or Pink Sand.

Getting a third-party case or sleeve is a way to make your iPad personal and to express your personality. You can go even further and look for custom iPad cases.

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6. It’s overpriced

It’s obvious that original accessories are more expensive than the ones offered by third-party producers. Users assume that the original case will be best tailored and offer the best possible quality.

Smart Cover for iPad mini 5 costs $40. For that price you can get UAG Metropolis armor folio case on Best Buy, which is an ultimate combination of advanced all-round protection and multi-level functionality.

The original accessory makes the difference when you unbox it. The moment you put it on the iPad is the moment it begins to wear out. After three months, iPad mini 5 Smart Cover won’t look much better than a third-party alternative you get for one-third of the price.

Which iPad mini 5 case is the best?

I suggest you start with making a list of features you want to see in your iPad mini 5 case. It’s your personal preferences that matter most, in the end.

To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up the best iPad mini 5 cases that are available right now in online stores: Amazon, Etsy, Best Buy, and eBay.

The best case covers, sleeves and accessories for iPad mini 5 tablet

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