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Everything you wanted to know about Sherlock Holmes in 17 handy charts

Sherlock Holmes by the numbers

These fantastic charts will let you analyze Sherlock Holmes the way Sherlock Holmes would have analyzed you.

Sherlock Holmes, one of the most recognizable fictional characters, was created by the Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle.

The first novel with Sherlock Holmes was published as a book by Ward Lock & Co in 1888, and it was A Study in Scarlet. Since that time, Holmes appeared in three more novels and 56 short stories.

Adam Frost and Jim Kynvin have prepared for The Guardian a set of 17 marvelous charts that study in detail the cases and success of the world’s brightest detective.

The data for the charts is collected in an impressive spreadsheet document, split into 17 different slides – each one being a base for one chart.

The visuals are brilliantly designed, with a vintage feel of the early 20th century. The data is presented using illustrations from early editions of Sherlock Holmes books.

You’ll have a chance to explore the most common deductive methods that Holmes used to crack the cases or places where the cases were set.

The chart listing the characters reveals that Dr. Watson was not present in two of the stories. Moriarty, who gradually became Sherlock’s biggest antagonist thanks to movie and TV adaptations, originally appeared in only three stories.

Just a reminder, that since the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle entered the public domain, you can get ebook versions of his books for free from Project Gutenberg.

Click or tap each image to see it in full resolution.

Sherlock Holmes in vintage charts


Sherlock Holmes chart 1 - In the Beginning

Sherlock Holmes chart 1: In the Beginning.


Sherlock Holmes chart 2 - Meet the Cast

Sherlock Holmes chart 2: Meet the Cast.


Sherlock Holmes chart 3 - Welcome to 221B Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes chart 3: Welcome to 221B Baker Street.


Sherlock Holmes chart 4 - The Client Arrives

Sherlock Holmes chart 4: The Client Arrives.


Sherlock Holmes chart 5 - A Terrible Crime Has Been Committed

Sherlock Holmes chart 5: A Terrible Crime Has Been Committed.


Sherlock Holmes chart 6 - The Game Is Afoot

Sherlock Holmes chart 6: The Game Is Afoot.


Sherlock Holmes chart 7 - Where Are the Cases Set

Sherlock Holmes chart 7: Where Are the Cases Set.


Sherlock Holmes chart 8 - The Cases Described

Sherlock Holmes chart 8: The Cases Described.


Sherlock Holmes chart 9 - Holmes Applies His Deductive Methods

Sherlock Holmes chart 9: Holmes Applies His Deductive Methods.


Sherlock Holmes chart 10 - Cracking the Case

Sherlock Holmes chart 10: Cracking the Case.


Sherlock Holmes chart 11 - The Criminal Is Disproportionately Likely to be a Foreigner

Sherlock Holmes chart 11: The Criminal Is Disproportionately Likely to be a Foreigner.


Sherlock Holmes chart 12 - Other Cases are Referenced...

Sherlock Holmes chart 12: Other Cases are Referenced…


Sherlock Holmes chart 13 - The Criminal is Occasionally Caught

Sherlock Holmes chart 13: The Criminal is Occasionally Caught.


Sherlock Holmes chart 14 - The Afterlife

Sherlock Holmes chart 14: The Afterlife.


Sherlock Holmes chart 15 - The Story is Adapted for TV and Film

Sherlock Holmes chart 15: The Story is Adapted for TV and Film.


Sherlock Holmes chart 16 - Holmes Becomes Public Property

Sherlock Holmes chart 16: Holmes Becomes Public Property.


Sherlock Holmes chart 17 - So Which Story to Read First?

Sherlock Holmes chart 17: So Which Story to Read First?

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Sherlock Holmes by the numbers – infographic

Examining Sherlock Holmes #infographic

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