Clever: Penguin book covers mixed with pop culture images

Pop Goes the Penguin - Metamorphosis

Pop Goes the Penguin

Pop Goes the Penguin is a new, and extremely exciting Tumblr blog, set up by Julien Britnic, a Bucharest-based designer and poet.

Julien has come up with an idea to give new meaning to classic Penguin book covers. She is mixing design elements of the iconic book series with images specific to times we live in.

For instance, On the Road by Jack Kerouac comes with a picture of Google Street View car. Metamorphosis? Franz Kafka would get curious to see the Spider-Man.

So far, 13 covers were release on Pop Goes the Penguin tumblog. All clever and hilarious. We are waiting for more!

Penguin book covers mixed with pop culture images


Pop Goes the Penguin - 1984

Pop Goes the Penguin: 1984 – George Orwell.


Pop Goes the Penguin - A Farewell to Arms

Pop Goes the Penguin: A Farewell to Arms – Ernest Hemingway.


Pop Goes the Penguin - In Search of Lost Time

Pop Goes the Penguin: In Search of Lost Time – Marcel Proust.


Pop Goes the Penguin - Metamorphosis

Pop Goes the Penguin: Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka.


Pop Goes the Penguin - On the Road

Pop Goes the Penguin: On the Road – Jack Kerouac.


Pop Goes the Penguin - The Scarlet Letter

Pop Goes the Penguin: The Scarlet Letter – Nathaniel Hawthorne.


Pop Goes the Penguin - Through the Looking-glass

Pop Goes the Penguin: Through the Looking-glass – Lewis Carroll.


Pop Goes the Penguin - To Kill a Mockingbird

Pop Goes the Penguin: To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee.

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