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Kobo promo code offers – how to keep track of them

Kobo promo code offers

An example of Kobo promo code offer shared on Pinterest

Major ebookstores constantly offer deals and bargains. Kobo promo code offers are among most attractive ones.

Need an example of a huge promo code promotion run by Kobo? Here it is: over 1 million (yes, million) Kobo ebooks were discounted by up to 50% in September.

Kobo promo code offers are a very popular way to get new books. One of the reasons, besides significant savings, is that these offers are extremely easy to take part in.

Usually all you need to do is to:

  • browse the list of eligible titles,
  • add selected books to cart,
  • enter promo code at checkout to get instant discount.

In the 1-million September promotion the coupon code to enter was Sept50. As easy as that.

There is another, even more important reason. Kobo doesn’t always offer competitive prices. It depends on the title, but the most visible difference is in location. If you live outside major markets (US, Canada, UK), be prepared to pay more for the same book.

Obviously, when it comes to geographic restrictions, prices are only a part of the story. The other factor is availability, but this topic deserves a separate article.

So, are you interested in Kobo promo code offers? Don’t want to miss any? Here’s how you can keep track of them.

3 ways to keep track of Kobo promo code offers

1. Follow Kobo in social media

Depending on where you are most active, simply add Kobo to your feed. You can follow the ebookstore on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Major promotions, including coupon code offers, are regularly announced on these profiles.

However, we strongly recommend adding Kobo on Pinterest. You don’t have to pick up all boards. One is enough: Kobo Deals and Coupons.

Followed already by 9,000 users, the board shares codes and deals exclusive to Pinterest, naming only “Our Deal of the Week on Pinterest”.

If you live in Canada, US, or UK, following Kobo on social networks is perfectly enough. Several offers are restricted to these major markets, but you are eligible anyway.

It’s different if you live in other countries. You won’t find information about eligibility on social media, it’s too deep into the details. Therefore you may follow the links just to find out you can’t make use of the deal, because you live in the wrong country. The third option listed here would be most suitable for you.

2. Make use of bargain sites

There are many savings sites around, and if you have account in any of them, check out if it offers Kobo promo codes as well. If yes, just add Kobo to your followed stores/deals, and you’re good to go.

The best one to check out is Bargainmoose, Canada’s popular coupon-hunting community.

What’s good about Bargainmoose is that you can copy the promo code before being redirected to Kobo store. You can also see here what users were thinking about the promotion (success rate).

Kobo coupon codes on Bargainmoose

Other sites to check out:

3. Opt in for email updates from Kobo

The last method should be working no matter which country you live in. What’s more, you can be sure you’ll only receive coupon code offers that you are eligible to redeem.

After you signed up to Kobo, you can enable email updates from Kobo in your account dashboard. Select My Account tab and on the right side click on “Yes, please” under Email Updates.

Kobo coupon code offers - get email notifications

Make sure to select your country under Payment Information tab. From now on you should be able to receive only offers that you will be able to take part.

To be eligible for promotions for US or Canada, you can use a Chrome extension called Hola! Read more about it in a post with tips and tricks for Kobo users.

• • •

Usually, Kobo promo codes are offered during weekends, but you can also expect them to be valid for a longer time, a week, or even a month.

From my experience, the short-term promotions are much more attractive, so getting them instantly to your inbox or social media feed is a good idea.

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