Caseable offers custom made cases for over 50 tablets and e-readers

Custom made cases for over 50 tablets and ereadersAre you looking for a source of custom made cases for less popular tablets or e-readers? You should check out Caseable.

Finding a good-looking case for iPad Mini or Kindle Fire is easy. But what about 7-inch TrekStor SurfTab or Kobo Glo? Finding a cover is more of a pain than fun?

It’s even difficult to find on the web good-quality Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 cases. 2013 tablets from Samsung are extremely popular, aren’t they. Well, they are not when it comes to covers.

Obviously, you may buy a universal 7-inch tablet case, just to realize it’s too tight, too loose, or has different proportions than your tablet.

Sounds like we’re not there yet.

A one-stop solution for owners of less popular devices is Caseable. The site offers custom made cases for 53 models. And I counted only tablets and e-readers. You can also buy here custom phone cases (14 smartphone models are supported), as well as pouches (22 models).

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I don’t know of any other case producer that would offer customized covers for so many devices. All supported tablets and e-readers are listed underneath, for your convenience.

Cases from Caseable are hand-crafted in New York or Berlin. They are made to order, the company doesn’t stockpile pre-made cases.

One important thing: you’ll see here book-style tablet and e-reader cases, not sleeves. The system to hold a device in place is proven to work – elastic and durable corner straps. Plus there is a long strap to hold the front cover tight.

The best part comes now. “Custom made cases” doesn’t only mean that a particular cover is tailored in size and proportions. It also means that you can customize it.

There are two ways to do it:

  • you can select one of hundreds of ready-to-use art designs,
  • you can design your own one.

The benefit is clear. The number of customized cases for Google Nexus 7, or TrekStor SurfTab ventos 9.7, or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is infinite.

Caseable - customization dashboard
Customize the cover in an online dashboard

Customizing a cover is a lot of fun. You can add your own photo, as well as add and customize the text. The design can be different on the front and back. Or you can combine the ready pattern with your own one. And all that can be done online is a smart dashboard.

To give you the idea of what are the most popular designs, you can check out this infographic about custom made cases.

Custom made cases from Caseable

Caseable Northern Star Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 CaseTablet cases

HTC Flyer
BlackBerry PlayBook
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
Acer Iconia Tab A100 7″
Sony Tablet S
Google Nexus 7 (2012-13)
TrekStor SurfTab Breeze 7
Kobo Arc
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 9.7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 7 HD
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 10.1
Google Nexus 10
HP Slate 7
HP ElitePad 900 G1
Kobo Arc 7 HD
Kobo Arc 7
Kobo Arc 10 HD
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Microsoft Surface
SurfTab xiron 7.0 HD
SurfTab xiron 10.1

Caseable Owl Trekstor Ereader Pyrus CaseEreader cases

Italica Paperback 2
Trekstor eReader 3.0
Kobo Wireless Reader
Sony Reader PRS-T1
Kobo eReader Touch
Sony Reader PRS-T2
Pocketbook Touch 622
Pocketbook Basic
Kobo Glo
Trekstor eReader Pyrus
Kobo Aura HD
Sony Reader PRS-T3
Trekstor Pyrus 2 LED

Caseable Chevron Flora II iPad Mini Retina CaseiPad cases

iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad mini
iPad Air
iPad mini Retina

Caseable Pass This On Kindle Fire HDX CaseKindle cases

Kindle Fire
Kindle Keyboard (3rd)
Kindle 4
Kindle Touch
Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Fire HD 8.9
Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HDX
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
Kindle Paperwhite 3G

Example of a case

Caseable Llama Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Case

Caseable Llama Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Case. The case is hand-crafted in Germany from high-quality materials. It features tough and rigid interior structure with neoprene padding. On the inside there is a soft microsuede with inside pocket for documents. The design is a photo-quality full bleed print. Elastic and durable straps securely hold your Samsung in place.

⇢ Caseable $44.90

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