20 gorgeous cases for Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD

Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD cases and sleeves

Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD cases and sleeves

It’s not easy to find a good-looking cover for Kobo Glo and Glo HD, but this list should make things a bit easier.

The range of official Kobo accessories is limited to few designs. Therefore, many users try to locate other sites that offer covers either tailored for a specific Kobo device or universal ones.

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One advice to give is that you don’t need to look only for, let’s say “Kobo Glo HD case”. E-readers from other brands can have similar sizes and proportions, so the covers tailored for them will work quite well on your Kobo e-reader.

Both Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD are a tiny bit smaller than Kindle Voyage and have similar proportions.

That means you can use Kindle Voyage case on your Kobo Glo, but remember one thing: it can only be a book-style case with elastic corner straps. No other case, especially the one with a plastic shell, won’t fit the Kobo.

One thing to note is that the dimensions of Kobo Glo HD are exactly the same as Kobo Touch 2.0, a replacement of Kobo Touch, released in September 2015:

  • Kobo Glo HD dimensions: 157 × 115 × 9.2 mm – 6.20 × 4.50 × 0.36″
  • Kobo Touch 2.0 dimensions: 157 × 115 × 9.2 mm – 6.20 × 4.50 × 0.36″

The benefit is that most of the cases in this overview will fit Kobo Touch 2.0 – and vice versa. As a result, if you won’t find any interesting case here but discover the one for Kobo Touch 2.0 elsewhere, the chances are big it will also fit your Kobo Glo. Just remember that the case should have corner straps and not a plastic shell.

Kobo dimensions ( height × width × depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Kobo Glo 6.20 × 4.50 × 0.39 157 × 114 × 10.0
Kobo Glo HD 6.20 × 4.50 × 0.36 157 × 115 × 9.2

Amazon Kindle dimensions ( height × width × depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Kindle Paperwhite 6.70 × 4.60 × 0.36 169 × 117 × 9.1
Kindle Voyage 6.40 × 4.50 × 0.30 162 × 115 × 7.6

If you prefer to buy a sleeve, for example, one of the gorgeous artworks offered on Etsy, the task is even easier. Both Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite are larger than Kobo Glo. Sleeves made to Kindle dimensions will also nicely accommodate your Kobo.

And, finally, when you compare the dimensions of Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD, you’ll see, that they are almost the same. If you own Kobo Glo and use the case with corner straps, you can upgrade the e-reader to Glo HD without even changing the case.

Kobo Glo HD case – recommended sites

If you want to keep searching the web for the perfect Kobo Glo HD case, make sure to visit the following sites.

Amazon – the giant online store offers the largest selection of all kinds of Kobo cases and accessories, including the original ones from Kobo. There are thousands of results for a search phrase “Kobo case”.

eBay – on eBay you can find many cases that are exactly made to fit a specific Kobo model, or are universal e-reader cases. They are unbranded, and that means you’ll be able to buy them for a lower – sometimes much lower – price.

Rakuten – while Amazon and eBay are obvious choices, there are also other sites to explore. One of them is Rakuten, an online store having the same owner as Kobo ebookstore.

Chapters Indigo – while the availability of original cases is limited on a Kobo website, you’ll find them all on Chapters Indigo. Plus, some of the accessories are actually cheaper than on Kobo.

Etsy – a top destination for vintage and handmade items, art, and supplies. There are sleeves made from a natural cotton, or customized felt covers, or jackets made from a genuine leather – the number of available items is endless!

Are there any Kobo Glo cases missing in this overview? We would love to hear your suggestions. Please leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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20 gorgeous cases for Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD


Mulbess Kobo Glo Stand Case Cover

Mulbess Kobo Glo Stand Case Cover. One of the most original covers for Kobo Glo. It transforms into a stand, but unlike other cases, it’s done in the portrait orientation. The case also easily folds back for convenient one-handed reading.

The case is available in nine colors, including Green (featured above), Purple, and Black. Fits only the regular Kobo Glo. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.


Kobo Glo Embossed Heart Cover

Kobo Glo Embossed Heart Cover. This is the original Kobo design. The classic book-style cover is here updated for fashion-conscious book lovers, and features a large embossed heart, both on front and back.

Available in two colors: Burgundy and Mint. ⇢ Chapters Indigo – CDN $29.99.


JAVOedge Blossom Case for Kobo Glo

JAVOedge “Spring” Case. This universal case will fit any 6-inch e-reader. It’s a bit wider than all other cases, as it’s also meant for Nook. However, if you accept the proportions, you should be satisfied with this lightweight and well finished case.

In this specific design series, there are as much as nine gorgeous colors to choose from, including Flower Garden, Blossom, Rosebud, and Spring (featured above). ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.


Caseable Follow the Sky Kobo Touch Cover

Caseable “Follow the Sky” For Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD. This wonderful case is designed by Bianca Green, and hand-crafted by Caseable from recycled materials. Tough and rigid interior structure with neoprene padding will give your Kobo solid protection. Durable elastic straps will securely hold the device in place.

There are several great designs to choose from on Caseable website. You can also add your own photo and customize the look using online creation tool. ⇢ Caseable – $44.90.


JAVOedge Quilt Print Case for Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD

JAVOedge “Quilt Print” Case for Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD. This is another design series from JAVOedge, using the same framework of a universal 6-inch e-reader cover. This time, the case features a fashionable quilted pattern.

There are two color patterns to choose from: Blue (above), and Brown. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.


Nimoo Blue Dandelion Kobo Glo Case

Nimoo Blue Dandelion Kobo Glo & Glo HD Case. This elegant cover is made of cotton fabric, padded with a layer of fleece. It comes with a wooden button closure and a cord. The sleeve includes two exterior pockets (front and back) to store your cellphone, pen, and essential documents.

Nimoo shop offers several other fantastic designs. If you decide to buy, please select the size option: “Kobo Glo”. ⇢ Etsy – $24.


Caseable Kobo Glo Case

Caseable “Love Orange” Case. As is uses corner straps, it can fit both Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD. Covers from Caseable are hand-crafted in Brooklyn, and fully customizable. You can personalize any design in an online customization panel: add or change text, change interior micro suede colors, etc.

Covers from “Love Color” series come in three designs and several colors. ⇢ Caseable – $44.90.


Original Neoprene Case for Kobo Touch an Glo

Original Neoprene Case for Kobo Touch and Kobo Glo. This neoprene case is one of the nicest Kobo accessories. Branded with Kobo quilt, it’s durable and fashionable.

Unfortunately, Kobo stopped selling it officially, but you can still get it from third-party Amazon sellers. ⇢ Amazon – from $9.99.


Cover Up Vision Kobo Glo Case Cover

Cover Up Vision Kobo Glo Case Cover. One of few covers tailored specifically for Kobo Glo. It will also fit Kobo Glo HD. Lightly padded, the exterior is finished in a high quality faux leather that’s soft to the touch. The micro suede interior keeps your screen scratch-free. ⇢ eBay – $22.17.


Kobo Glo HD Sleepcover

Kobo Glo HD Sleepcover. Made exclusively for Kobo Glo HD, the case combines function with fashion. The design is lightweight, so it doesn’t add bulk to your device. It will protect from scratches with its integrated clips and magnetic closure, while still giving you access to power button and all ports.

You can choose from two colors: Cream (above) and Black. Available from May 1, 2015. ⇢ Chapters Indigo – CDN $29.99.


Cover-up Kobo Glo HD Vision Case

Cover-up Kobo Glo HD Vision Case. Cases from a Vision series have been adjusted to the dimensions of the Kobo Glo HD. Lightly padded and durable, the cases are made from environmentally friendly natural materials. They combine the solid rugged protection of hemp with the soft ease of cotton.

Available in as much as fifteen colors, including Sahara Brown (shown above), Carbon Black, and Khaki Green. ⇢ Cover-up – $26.


Kobo Glo Sleepcover

Kobo Glo Sleepcover. This is original accessory for Kobo Glo. Doesn’t fit Kobo Glo HD. The case turns your Kobo on and off when you open and close it. Specially designed Kobo Fit Clips cradle your device, maximizing protection from unexpected bumps during travel.

Kobo Glo Sleepcover comes in three colors: Black, Gray, and Leather Black. ⇢ Kobo – $39.99.


InStyleLiving Atlas Kindle Voyage Sleeve

In Style Living “Atlas” Sleeve. This elegantly designed padded sleeve is made from designer 100% linen fabric. There is a front pocket for essentials. While ensuring full protection against scratches and dust this sleeve gives you “the style and elegance you deserve – real statement about you!”

In the message for seller please state you want the case for Kobo Glo, and write down the exact dimensions. ⇢ Etsy – $29.99.


Marston Bindery Vintage Book Kobo Glo Case

Marston Bindery Vintage Book Kobo Glo Case. Finally, book covers that look like vintage books are now available for Kobo! Marston Bindery, UK, has designed a collection of stylish designs of well know classic novels.

The covers are hand-crafted in Leicestershire using traditional book binding materials and techniques. “Our cases are slimline and lightweight yet durable, with a high-quality hardback construction and splashproof finishing, providing enhanced protection for your e-reader”.

There are four classic book covers to choose from:

  • Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen,
  • The Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling,
  • The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame,
  • Sonnets – William Shakespeare.

You can also order a vintage style cover with a personalized title and author. ⇢ eBay – $36.96.


H Felt Sleeve for Kindle Voyage

H Wool Felt Sleeve for Kindle and Kobo. It is made of wool felt and measures 190 by 155 mm, so it will comfortably accommodate your Kobo Glo or Kobo Glo HD. It has a three-color strap that prevents the device from sliding out. ⇢ Ebay – $12.28.


Tuff-Luv Embrace Case Cover for Kobo Touch and Kobo Glo

Tuff-Luv Embrace Case Cover for Kobo Glo & Glo HD. This high quality felt book-style case includes secure corner straps which will ensure your new e-reader stays where it belongs. On the back of the case you will find a recessed band so you can continue reading, just using one hand. ⇢ Amazon – $39.99.


Phocket Kobo Mini Felt Sleeve

Phocket Kobo Mini Felt Sleeve. This beautiful sleeve is made of anthracite colored 2 mm felt with colored dots and colored thread in the corners. The e-reader sits in the sleeve tight enough to prevent from slipping out. Ships worldwide from Riga, Latvia.

There are 10 accent colors to choose from. ⇢ Etsy – $19.50.


Refleece Kobo Touch/Glo Case

Refleece Case. Fits Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD. Sleek, modern case made of an old fleece jacket. Ultra-lightweight, yet extremely durable. Water resistant. Case closes securely to protect from dust, scratches, sticky fingers. Can be charged when closed, through built-in cable port. ⇢ Refleece – $32.


Begoos Denim Kindle Voyage Sleeve

Begoos Denim Sleeve for Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD. If you are going to buy a sleeve, this one is worth considering. Hand-crafted from a blue denim, with orange cotton fabric inside, it’s padded with a layer of fleece. It has a magnetic closure on top and pocket in the front.

in the Begoos shop of Etsy, you’ll be able to buy other color version and designs. Please select a size option for “Kindle Voyage”. ⇢ Etsy – $16.45.


JAVOedge Geometric Case for Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD

JAVOedge “Geometric” Case for Kobo Glo and Kobo Glo HD. Universal 6-inch e-reader cover now comes in a fashionable geometric design. The black and white pattern is featured on the front. The back of the cover is pure black.

The case protects against scratches and smudges. Four elastic corner straps securely hold the device in place. There is also a side strap to keep the case closed when it needs to. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.

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