International availability of the waterproof Kindle Oasis 2 (2017)

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2nd-generation Kindle Oasis ships internationally on October 31, 2017

On the launch date, Kindle Oasis is shipping to over 170 countries around the world.

Amazon’s newest and most advanced e-reader, Kindle Oasis 2, can be bought not only by customers living in the US but also those who are shopping from other countries.

There is no delay in the availability of the newest Kindle e-reader for international customers. In most Amazon online stores the new device starts shipping on October 31, 2017.

In the table below, we’ve put together Kindle Oasis 2 launch dates and prices for the cheapest available version.

As you will see, the delay is planned only in stores localized in three countries: Brazil (November 7), India (November 15), and Australia (the date was not revealed yet).

Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) – international shipping

Amazon store Launch date Price
Amazon US
Kindle Oasis version for US customers
October 31, 2017 USD 249.99
Amazon US
Kindle Oasis version for foreign customers
October 31, 2017 USD 299.99
Amazon UK October 31, 2017 GBP 229.99
Amazon France October 31, 2017 EUR 249.99
Amazon Germany October 31, 2017 EUR 229.99
Amazon Italy October 31, 2017 EUR 249.99
Amazon Spain October 31, 2017 EUR 249.99
Amazon Canada October 31, 2017 CAD 389.99
Amazon Japan October 31, 2017 JPY 33,980
Amazon India November 15, 2017 INR 21,999
Amazon Brazil November 7, 2017 BRL 1,149
Amazon Mexico October 31, 2017 MXN 5,649
Amazon Australia n/a AUD 389.99

Users living outside the US can shop the new device in two ways:

  • buy Kindle Oasis in Amazon’s main store – since 2009 Kindle e-readers can be ordered directly in the US store, at There are over 170 countries and destinations users can shop from,
  • buy Kindle Oasis in Amazon store in your country – if you live in a country where Amazon runs a separate online store (such as the UK, Germany, Canada, or Japan), you can order the device here and save on shipping costs.

For instance, if you are living in Germany, you can decide whether to buy the e-reader on or website. There is a price difference – usually, the device bought from the main site is cheaper. On the other side, you will have to pay more for shipping from the US.

And now comes the most important info. If you activate your account in a localized Amazon store, there is no way back to shop with the same account for Kindle devices back in the US. A simple solution to return to the main site is registering a new account.

There is one more factor to keep in mind. If you want to buy the international version of Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) from the US store, you can only get the version with 32 GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi only, and no special offers, which costs $299.99.

The versions with special offers were never available for international customers (US-related ads don’t make sense in other countries), but in case of Kindle Oasis 2, you won’t be able to pick up the variant with smaller 8 GB internal memory (priced at $269.99).

Kindle Oasis 2 international – cost calculations

Let’s make some cost calculations, assuming you live in Germany or neighboring countries.

If you buy from Amazon US

Shipping and handling fees plus taxes applied to the Kindle device being sent to Europe are usually around $50. Therefore, the total cost of buying Kindle Oasis 2 from Germany would be $299.99 (32 GB, Wi-Fi, no ads – the only version for international customers) + $50 (shipping, handling, taxes) = approximately $350.

If you buy from Amazon Germany

If you buy the same version as the one available in the US store – 32 GB, Wi-Fi, no ads – you will pay EUR 259.99. When you pick up a free delivery option, it will be your total cost. Converted to US dollars, it makes $305.

You will find a detailed info about the 2nd-generation Kindle Oasis (2017) here, and below are the highlights.

The newest Kindle Oasis 2 is Amazon’s first waterproof e-reader. Amazon’s but not first ever. Kobo launched the first-generation Aura three years ago, Nook GlowLight Plus was introduced in fall 2015.

The water resistance rating is IPX8. It means you can keep the device for up to 60 minutes under 2 meters of water. And, yes, it will also be perfectly fine if you accidentally drop the Oasis while reading in a bathtub a new novel by Dan Brown.

The 2nd-gen Kindle Oasis is also the first Kindle that is Audible-ready. You can use the same feature as in the Fire or Android Kindle app – seamlessly switch to playing an audiobook companion. However, as the e-reader doesn’t have either internal speakers or a 3.5 mm jack, you have to connect it to external headphones via Bluetooth.

The next thing is the size. The 2017 Oasis has the bigger screen than any other currently available Kindle model. The display is front-lighted (obviously) and has 7 inches, with a resolution of 1680 × 1264 pixels, keeping the same crisp text rendering as in Kindle Paperwhite, as the density is the same – 300 ppi.

Plus, there are two memory options to choose from – 8 and 32 GB. It’s not because you will need to download dozens of thousands of ebooks (instead of thousands). It’s because you may want to download dozens of audiobooks (and audiobook file takes a lot more disc space).

• • •

Kindle Oasis, 2017 release, 2nd generation, waterproof, Audible ready

Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) – international version

32 GB / Wi-Fi

The first waterproof Kindle
No more soggy pages with the all-new Kindle Oasis – it’s IPX8 rated to protect against immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes. And it’s built to withstand getting splashed at the beach or dropped in the bathtub, hot tub, or pool.

Now with Audible
Now you can listen to the world’s largest library of audiobooks on your Kindle—anytime, anywhere, while traveling, cooking, or when you just want to rest your eyes. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to move seamlessly from reading to listening. Available via a free over-the-air update.

Our largest, highest resolution display
Featuring our largest 7-inch 300 ppi display, Kindle Oasis fits over 30% more words per page for fewer page turns. Crisp, laser-quality text reads like real paper without glare, even in bright sunlight.

Ideal for one-handed reading
The ergonomic design shifts the center of gravity to your palm, to rest in your hand like the spine of a book. Easily turn the page with either the touch display or dedicated page turn buttons. Whether you choose to read with your left or right hand, the page orientation automatically rotates to match.

Larger storage capacity
Kindle Oasis is now available in 8 GB or 32 GB. Carry even more titles with you.

Got you covered
Complete your Kindle Oasis experience with a protective premium leather or water-safe fabric cover. The slim, form-fitting cover opens like a book and is designed to closely wrap the bezel like a glove. Snapping securely in place magnetically, automatically wake your Kindle or put it to sleep by simply opening or closing.

⇢ Amazon $299.99

• • •

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