Get ready for upcoming Prime Day 2022 Kindle deals

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Kindle price cuts Prime Day 2022

The price of the newest Kindle Paperwhite may drop to $99.99. The basic Kindle will most probably cost less than $50, while the Oasis – $175.

Amazon’s popular mid-summer shopping event will most probably run either on July 11-12 or July 18-19. The Prime Day 2022 front page is still empty, but the first deals and deal announcements should appear here at the end of June.

Are you waiting for Prime Day to save on the Kindle? This year, the newest Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 will draw the most attention, while two other models – the basic Kindle and the 3rd-generation Oasis – will be offered at significantly low prices.

It’s worth noting that currently no Kindle devices are available. All versions of all three models are out of stock. It usually happens before major shopping events. Amazon is just restocking the devices to start selling them again the moment the deals are revealed.

Prime Day 2022 Kindle prices – highlights

  • Kindle Paperwhite (2021 release) – expected deal price for the entry-level configuration: $99.99.
  • The basic Kindle (2019 release) – expected deal price for the entry-level variant: $49.99.
  • Kindle Oasis (2019 release) – expected deal price for the entry-level configuration: $174.99.

Should I buy the Kindle during Prime Day?

Yes, Kindle e-readers are Amazon’s own devices that are offered during Prime Day at similar prices as during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We maintain a detailed analysis of Prime Day and Black Friday Kindle prices, tracking the deals since 2016. The rule is that the older the model, the bigger the chance to see a record low price.

In fact, the first ever price cut on the top-shelf Kindle Oasis, was offered by Amazon during the Prime Day event in 2020. The deal was repeated during Black Friday later that year.

What you have to remember, though, is that the Prime Day price drops have to be seen through the cost of Prime subscription. The annual Prime subscription is $139. Joining the program just to buy the Kindle Paperwhite for the price lower by $40 doesn’t make too much sense.

Obviously, the more you use your Prime benefits, the more you save in the end. Also, with an annual subscription, you can plan ahead your shopping. There is no need to wait for Black Friday, if you can buy Christmas gifts already during Prime Day.

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Upcoming Prime Day 2022 Kindle deals

Kindle Paperwhite for $99.99

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 2021

The 5th-generation Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 was released in October 2021. Its regular price is $139.99.

It’s an essential upgrade of Kindle Paperwhite 4, offering a larger 6.8-inch glare-free 300 ppi E-ink display, warm light, and USB-C. It comes with 8 GB of storage, and USB-C port for faster charging and data transfer. The battery life is extended to even 10 weeks.

During Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 – a month after the launch of the Paperwhite – Amazon surprised everyone by offering the device $25 below the regular price – for $104.99. You were able to save 18%, or the equivalent of the solid third-party case cover.

We predict Kindle Paperwhite to sell at $99.99-104.99 during Prime Day 2022, but the lower price is more probable.

Click on the button below to jump to the Kindle Paperwhite product page on Amazon. Bookmark that page in your browser (Ctrl+D on a PC, Command+D on a Mac) to quickly access it when you come back for Prime Day 2022 deals.

⇢ Kindle Paperwhite

The basic Kindle for $49.99

Amazon Kindle 2019

The 10th-generation Kindle was introduced in April 2019, so it’s a very old model. As time flies, the more and more important reason to buy this particular model is an affordable price. Buying it at a regular price doesn’t make sense any longer.

There is still a chance that the next-generation entry-level Kindle model is released before Prime Day 2022, but if not, we expect the price of the current generation to drop to $49.99. It’s the deal price that we saw during Black Friday 2021. 

Can the price of the basic Kindle jump below $40? We don’t think so. It would depreciate the value of the device completely. Instead, you may expect extra benefits, such as a free Kindle Unlimited short-term plan.

Click on the button below to jump to the Kindle product page on Amazon. Bookmark that page in your browser (Ctrl+D on a PC, Command+D on a Mac) to quickly access it when you come back for Prime Day 2022 deals.

⇢ Basic Kindle

Kindle Oasis for $174.99

Amazon Kindle Oasis 3 2019

The most advanced Kindle e-reader to date, the 3rd-generation Oasis, was launched in summer 2019, so it’s already three years old.

With the introduction of the newest Kindle Paperwhite, the Oasis suddenly looks not interesting enough. The Paperwhite has a 6.8-inch warm light display. The Oasis has a 7-inch warm light display. The Paperwhite costs $139.99, the Oasis almost twice as much.

During Black Friday 2021, the Oasis was offered for $174.99, and we expect to see the same price during Prime Day 2022.

Click on the button below to jump to the Kindle Oasis product page on Amazon. Bookmark that page in your browser (Ctrl+D on a PC, Command+D on a Mac) to quickly access it when you come back for Prime Day 2022 deals.

⇢ Kindle Oasis

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