How can I find out when my Kindle Unlimited ends?

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How can I find out when my Kindle Unlimited ends?
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Follow this easy guide to find out how much time you have before your Kindle Unlimited ends. From here, you can either prolong or cancel your subscription plan, as well.

If you are subscribed to one of long-term Kindle Unlimited plans, you may have already forgotten when your membership plan ends, and whether it’s set to automatically renew.

The worst thing to happen is to dive into the new page-turning novel from your favorite author, just to realize you can’t finish it as you’ve downloaded it via Kindle Unlimited – and your subscription has just ended.

You have to keep in mind that you can download up to ten Kindle Unlimited titles to your Kindle or Kindle app. After the subscription ends (and you cancelled automatic renewal), all eligible books are gone the moment your device connects via internet with your Kindle library on Amazon.

Tip: to keep Kindle Unlimited books a bit longer, disconnect your device from a Wi-Fi network to prevent syncing of the Kindle Unlimited membership status.

The less time is left until the end of the subscription, the more carefully you will choose the next book to read. It’s also the right time to think whether you want to continue your Kindle Unlimited subscription or not.

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How to check out when your Kindle Unlimited plan ends

The process is easy, but you can only do it via the web browser on your computer.

1. Go to Amazon and sign in with your credentials.

2. From “Your Account” menu choose Memberships & Subscriptions.

Find your Kindle Unlimited subscription on Amazon - go to your account using the web browser

3. Click on “Kindle Unlimited” on a list of Amazon subscriptions.

To find out what's the status of your Kindle Unlimited, select it on a list of your Amazon subscriptions

4. Now you see the details of your subscription. The end date is the last day you’ll get full access to Kindle Unlimited catalog and your downloaded books.

On the web, you can check out your Kindle Unlimited and time and status

On the left side, you can check out the status of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

As you see, my subscription won’t renew. I got a free 6-month Kindle Unlimited plan together with my new Kindle Paperwhite in November. I canceled the subscription the following day to make sure it wouldn’t automatically renew if I forgot to manage the status before the end date.

Tip: When you get a long-term Kindle Unlimited subscription, set a reminder a few days before the end, so that you can decide whether to cancel or prolong it.

In “Manage Membership” section, you can prolong the subscription. By default, it’s set to monthly-based subscription plan – the fee is set at $9.99.

Do you prefer to wait for the next deal on Kindle Unlimited subscription plans? You can see the highest price cuts during Prime Day and Cyber Monday shopping events.

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