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How technology is shaping the classroom of the future (infographic)

The classroom of the future infographic 2020

Technology can help educators and students achieve better results in shorter time through personalization and innovation.

Nine in ten educators are interested in using technology in the classroom. The benefits of tech are obvious: it can help personalize learning, increase reach and engagement, or develop new learning skills and schemes.

From Best Education Degrees comes a new infographic that describes the tech and science behind the next-generation classroom.

The infographic describes the current status and expectations regarding video learning, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and tools to communicate with parents.

Here are the most interesting highlights:

  • 98% of educators think that interactive video is going to be important to education in the future
  • Educational institutions say video increases students satisfaction by 91% and professional development by 80%
  • Chatbots can track student performance and adjust the curriculum to better meet their individual needs
  • 86% of educators think students need video capture skills to succeed in their future workplace
  • Tools like Facebook Messenger & Remind help teacher and staff communicate with parents and older students outside the classroom

Make sure to visit the original blog post to read more details and find source material. Click or tap the image below to open it in full resolution.

Technology in the classroom of the future - full infographic

Via Visual Capitalist.

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