Hogwarts and other famous schools from fiction (infographic)

Famous fictional schools - infographic

Most famous fictional schools in one handy visual: Buffy’s Sunnydale High, classic Grange Hill, iconic Hogwarts, and over 20 others!

The infographic was created a few years ago by Rayburn Tours but today, in times of pandemic-forced homeschooling, it’s more relevant than ever before.

A few months ago, if you asked students about attending classes day by day from home, most of them would say: it’s fiction.

Suddenly, fictional schools from books, movies or TV shows are more real than the schools we now only see as a collage of faces in a video conferencing app.

The infographic lists 25 schools, from Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, to Lowood Insitution (Jane Eyre), to Crunchem Hall from Roald Dahl’s Matilda, or Welton Academy known from the Dead Poets Society movie.

Many of our favorite teen romances are played out along the corridors of imaginary schools, and students have always wished they could attend the same dances and pep rallies as their fictional counterparts.

Click or tap the infographic to see it enlarged.

Hogwarts and other famous schools from fiction - full infographic

Via Electric Literature.

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