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15 uncommon Harry Potter inspired gifts and accessories

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Most uncommon Harry Potter gifts accessories

If you want to keep the Harry Potter magic in your real life, here are the most interesting but rather unusual gifts inspired by the famous book series.

Like no other book series, Harry Potter makes fans feel the need to make the wizardry work in the daily life.

While some of the spells might not work, there is still a chance to maintain a connection with the addictive mystery of Hogwarts.

An object, a thing, a picture that’s around all the time. A pendant? A bookmark? Or maybe a vintage notebook? What about a set of posters?

Obviously, the first place Harry Potter fans visit is Pottermore. In the shop section, you can buy ebooks and audiobooks, but you won’t find here official Harry Potter merchandise.

Harry Potter Shop offers official gifts and accessories operated under a license from Warner Bros. On Zazzle, the official Harry Potter shop offers almost 25 thousand items.

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On the web, there are thousands of other products every Harry Potter would love to own. Most of Harry Potter fans are happy with common licensed goods: LEGO Hogwarts Tower, UNO Harry Potter game, the Illuminating Wand, or numerous Harry Potter party costumes.

The thing is that the whole point of being a wizard is that you are unique. Why get clothes, props, or accessories other wizards already have?

This list below puts together Harry Potter inspired gifts and accessories that are uncommon and refreshingly different.

Unique Harry Potter inspired gifts and accessories

Deathly Hallows smartwatch band

Deathly Hallows watch band - Harry Potter gifts

This replacement smartwatch band features a pattern made out of Deathly Hollows icon. It’s made of soft silicone, which is not only flexible, breathable and lightweight but also sweat and dirt resistant.

The pattern is printed in a technique that ensures it will not fade out over time. “Our versatile design allows you to sport Harry Potter in all you do!”

You can choose from two size versions: 38/40 mm and 42/44 mm.

⇢ Amazon – $21.99

Buttery Beer scented candle

Buttery Beer - Harry Potter inspired gifts

Form & Flux offers a series of gorgeous scented candles inspired by literature.

Buttery Beer is one of the nicest ones. It offers aromas of fluffy vanilla ice cream, sticky butterscotch, and a hint of cinnamon fizz.

“Buttery Beer candle will make your room smell exactly like The Leaky Cauldron.”’

⇢ Etsy – $12.99

Book of Spells case for Kindle

Book of Spells Harry Potter Kindle case
Harry Potter Kindle case - inside

Inspired by Harry Potter books, this classic book-style case cover is a fantastic idea to show off your love for the Wizarding World even if you read books on a Kindle.

Although hand-crafted with respect to old book-binding rules, the case is splash proof, perfectly matching Kindle Paperwhite’s top feature.

The use of Grip Hold material (the same as in NASA spacesuits) secures the device in place but allows you to remove it easily.

You can choose from seven different case colors.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99

Harry Potter inspired ring wrap

Harry Potter Glasses ring wrap - best gifts for fans

From Alex and Ani jewelry store comes a minimalist ring wrap that features iconic shapes of Harry Potter round glasses combined with a bolt.

Adjustable design allows for customized fit, and is available in two versions: in 14K Gold or Sterling Silver finish.

⇢ Amazon – $28.99

Clever bookmark in Quidditch uniform

Bookmark in Quidditch uniform - best Harry Potter gifts

This cute bookmark will be a great companion for every book, not only the Harry Potter series. Just imagine cute little legs sticking from your book!

This clever bookmark was designed by Olena Mysnyk and is a great gift ideas for every book lover in your life, no matter the age.

Get ready that your book will appear in the center of everyone’s attention!

⇢ Amazon – $25.99

Harry Potter arm party bracelet sets

Harry Potter arm party bracelet sets - best gifts

These Harry Potter themed bracelet sets offer a fashionable mix of metal, beads, cords, and charms. They are officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise (Warner Bros) and are labeled as Amazon Choice product for affordable price combined with high ratings.

You can choose from a few versions: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin.

⇢ Amazon – $17.99

Ron Weasley Lego keychain

Lego Ron Weasley keychain - best Harry Potter gifts

A perfect gift for a Harry Potter or Lego fan. This keychain figure is made in a shape of a Lego character and resembles Ron Weasley in Hogwarts uniform.

The Brick Cave shop offers also Lego keychain figures of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

⇢ Etsy – $18

Wizard bookends

Wizard bookends - Harry Potter gifts

If you are looking for Harry Potter themed decor for your home office or library, take a look at these magical bookends offered by Bellaa Store.

Handpainted and crafted from fine cold cast resin, they feature wizard writting set of feather quill pen and ink bottle.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99

Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers

Harry Potter cupcake toppers - best gifts for wizards

A must-have accessory for every Harry Potter themed party. This colorful set of cupcake toppers includes 12 different designs. Five of them feature Harry Potter himself.

Each emblem measures 1.2 × 2.5 inches. The lollipop stick is 4-inch tall. You can also order other party items, such as straws or favor tags.

⇢ Etsy – $7.99

Harry Potter Cauldron soup mug with spoon

Harry Potter Cauldron soup mug with spoon - best gifts

Here is another thing you may need for a Harry Potter party – a ceramic mug that’s molded and painted to look like a cauldron.

The mug comes with a lid and spoon and has 16 oz capacity. It’s an Amazon Choice product which means it’s offered at reasonable price and enjoys lots of positive ratings.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

Mrs Weasley’s Cookies scented candle

Harry Potter scented candle - best gifts

This scented candle from Pret A Geek is inspired by Mrs. Weasley’s Super Secret Ginger Biscuit recipe. It will transport you the family comforts and warmth of the Weasley’s Burrow.

The candle offers “deliciously lingering mix of gingerbread and spice with a heavily scented sugary sweet base.”

The candle is cruelty free, vegan and eco friendly, and comes in a ready-to-gift recyclable metal container.

⇢ Etsy – $15.99

Accio Coffee teaspoon with lightning bolt

Accio Coffee teaspoon - best Harry Potter gifts

You are looking at a gorgeous teaspoon stamped one letter at a time by hand and made with non-toxic ink.

Accio Cofee letters are completed with a lightning bolt. “Stir your coffee with a magical stamped spoon and kickstart your day!”

In the Amazon Bon Vivant Design store, you can also get Accio Tea spoon.

⇢ Amazon – $17.99

Quidditch blender bottle

Quidditch blender bottle - best Harry Potter gifts

This sleek authentic 28-ounce BlenderBittle comes with a choice of licensed Harry Potter graphics, including Quidditch, Bolt & Glasses, Deathly Hallows, and Ravenclaw.

Patented mixing system uses 316 surgical-grade stainless steel wire whisk that you can find only in BlenderBottle shaker cups.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

Golden Snitch Light table lamp

Golden Snitch Light table lamp - Harry Potter gifts

It’s one of the most popular Harry Potter home appliaces on Amazon. This table or bedside lamp features an iconic symbol from Harry Potter books: the Snitch Light.

This stylish decoration is a perfect gift for Harry Potter addicts in your family and will be a great prop at the Wizarding World party.

Offered by Paladone Store, the llluminated 7.9-inch (20 cm) tall bell jar has a floating golden snitch and is powered via USB cable.

“This is great for geeks in the Harry Potter fandom and for kids, tweens, teens, and adults.”

⇢ Amazon – $29.99

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The best Harry Potter gifts decor accessories

Harry Potter gifts – recommended sites

If you still haven’t found your most magical Harry Potter gift, make sure to explore these online stores for more inspiration:

Etsy – The biggest online store with handmade goods. The selection of offered items is impressive, so Etsy is a must-see destination, especially if you want to gift something unique in style. You’ll find here Harry Potter themed jewelry, personal items, posters, clothes, and stationery.

Zazzle – The site offers a huge variety of merchandise, from clothing, to home decor, to personal accessories. Users can upload their personal image, or pick up one of the thousands of available designs.

Redbubble – A marketplace for custom designed items, including prints, stationery, cases & covers, or t-shirts. Opposite to other sites, such as CafePress, the quality of the artwork is much higher.

Amazon Handmade – If you are an Amazon customer, you should check out this section with hand-crafted items. You’ll find here jewelry, home decor, kitchen & dining, furniture, stationery, among other categories.

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