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The future according to literature (infographic)

The future according to literatureic - human

Imagine this: all fictional things invented by authors for their novels are being implemented in real life.

How would we look like if it had happened? How our environment would look like?

Let’s analyze a new infographic from Red Candy, an online store specializing in accessories, home decor, and gifts – all in red color.

You’ll see here a list of 30 fictional inventions, bird assassin, security grass, blurbflies, among them. Some are crazy, but some – in the era of the internet of things – are surprisingly close to realization.

Smart pizza box alerting you that it has been delivered too late? It’s a question of a few years. Clearsacs? It already exists.

Literature has always been a vehicle for predictions about future technology, which turns out to become a reality. Who knows you might well see some of these items in the near future!

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

The future according to literature #infographic

Via Red Candy Blog.

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