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A formula for the bestseller (infographic)

A formula for the bestseller - book title

Want your novel to become a bestseller? Follow a simple formula: thriller + 13 previous books + 4 awards.

“A white-knuckle blend of crime, young adult and contemporary fiction in a pulse-pounding plot that spans the globe” – this is what a book blurb should be if the novel was written according to the pattern developed by Waterstones.

The team from Waterstones analysed 100 bestselling books from the last ten years. Then they put all the data into Excel sheet and the result is the infographic called The Bestseller Formula.

Forget about any other genre and focus on thrillers, preferably with a lawyer as a main hero.

Start writing books right now, because the bestseller will be 14th in a row.

Make sure four of the pre-bestseller books are good enough to get some literary prizes.

Oh, and don’t forget to coin a perfect title. It should begin with “the” and have four or more words. And please, don’t use the verbs.

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A formula for the best selling novel - full infographic

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