First Black Friday 2018 deals start to appear on Amazon

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A special section of Amazon store where Black Friday deals are put together has just been populated with first 2018 deals / Screenshot: Amazon

Several Gold Box deals have just appeared on Black Friday 2018 front page of Amazon store.

Usually, Amazon starts early Black Friday deals at the beginning of November. The deals are put together at a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday front page.

Every year, after the last Cyber Monday Deals Week offers are gone, that page goes blank but is not removed. It’s there to be reused the next year.

Why is that? There are two reasons.

First of all, the page will be easier to discover on Google. Instead of setting up a Black Friday page at a different url address every year, Amazon (and other online stores, as well) puts the new content on the page that is already ranked high in Google search results.

Secondly, some customers bookmark the most interesting sections of the Amazon store in their web browsers, so that they could come back the next time.

The grand opening of Early Black Friday Amazon Deals is about to take place on November 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, but some deals have started to appear in the section already.

We’ve checked out the address earlier today, and the only deal was offered for Sandisk microSD cards (by the way, a must-have accessory for your Amazon Fire tablet). The deal has disappeared from both Black Friday and Gold Box directory, although it’s still active.

In the meantime, a few sections were added, making the Black Friday 2018 deals section look similar to Gold Box front page.

Among the current deals, you will find:

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Black Friday 2018 essentials

Below, you will find highlights of the upcoming shopping event.

When is Black Friday 2018?

November 23


When is Cyber Monday 2018?

November 26


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