11 cases for Kobo Aura One and Aura Edition 2

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Kobo Aura One & Kobo Aura Edition 2 case covers

Besides original cases for Kobo Aura One and Edition 2, you’ll find below a couple of good alternatives from other producers.

New Aura e-readers were announced by Kobo in August 2016. The number of compatible cases is much smaller than for Kindle (as always). If you want to find out what’s available on the market, make sure to explore this list.

Let’s first go quickly through the e-readers. Kobo Aura One is a waterproof 7.8-inch e-reader designed from scratch. It has the highest waterproof level among e-readers (IPX8) and has a built-in solution for borrowing ebooks from public libraries.

A cheaper option is Kobo Aura Edition 2. It’s a refreshed model from 2013. For this price, you’ll get the front lighted screen, and 4 GB of internal memory.

Don’t expect thousands of covers for Kobo Aura 2016 e-readers. Hundreds? No. Dozens? Yes. That’s why it’s good to explore universal e-reader cases or covers for devices with comparable dimensions and proportions.

Kobo Aura Edition 2 has the similar size as Kobo Glo HD, so if you find a case for Glo that features corner straps (or a sleeve), you can also successfully use it for the Edition 2.

Kobo Aura 2016 dimensions ( height × width × depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Kobo Aura Edition 2 6.7 × 4.45 × 0.33 159 × 113 × 8.50
Kobo Aura One 7.7 × 5.45 × 0.27 195 × 139 × 6.90

Kobo Aura 2016 case – recommended sites

And the last thing before the list. If you want to keep searching the web for the perfect Kobo case, make sure to visit the following sites.

Amazon – the giant online store offers the largest selection of all kinds of Kobo cases and accessories, including the original ones from Kobo. There are thousands of results for a search phrase “Kobo case.”

eBay – on eBay you can find many cases that are exactly made to fit a specific Kobo model, or are universal e-reader cases. They are unbranded, and that means you’ll be able to buy them for a lower – sometimes much lower – price.

Rakuten – while Amazon and eBay are obvious choices, there are also other sites to explore. One of them is Rakuten, an online store having the same owner as Kobo ebookstore.

Chapters Indigo – while the availability of original cases is limited on a Kobo website, you’ll find them all on Chapters Indigo. Plus, some of the accessories are actually cheaper than on Kobo website.

Etsy – a top destination for vintage and handmade items, art, and supplies. There are sleeves made from a natural cotton, or customized felt covers, or jackets made from a genuine leather – the number of available items is endless!

If you want to add any item to the list, please leave your suggestion in the comments. You can share pictures, too.

50 best Kobo cases, sleeves, and accessories

Read also 50 best Kobo cases, sleeves, and accessories

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An updated list of the best Kobo case covers, sleeves, and accessories. Kobo Aura One, Aura Edition 2, Aura H2O, Mini, Glo HD, Touch 2.0.

11 best cases for Kobo Aura One and Kobo Aura Edition 2


Original Kobo Aura One SleepCover

Kobo Aura One SleepCover. Kobo users know this design very well. The case opens like a book and folds back completely, allowing for one-handed reading. It’s slim, lightweight, and the interior is lined with soft microfiber to give the display an extra protection.

The front flap folds into a stand. Available only in Black. ⇢ Kobo – $49.99.


TopAce Kobo Aura One Case Cover

TopAce Kobo Aura One Case Cover. The regular book-style case cover made from a polyurethane leather (outside) and soft microfiber (inside). The case shell provides instant access to all ports and buttons. The case also includes a pen holder and an internal pocket for essentials.

Available in three colors: Purple (shown above), Black, and Blue. ⇢ Amazon – $8.99.


MofLeema Sleeve for Kobo Aura One

MofLeema Sleeve for Kobo Aura One. This comfortable and fashionable sleeve is made of Japanese kimono cotton and features Cherry Blossoms Rabbits Navy design.

In MofLeema Etsy shop you’ll find over 100 colorful sleeves. If Kobo Aura One or Kobo Aura Edition 2 are not on the list of supported devices, you can name your model and specify dimensions in the message to seller. ⇢ Etsy – $17.99.


Voklam Kobo Aura One Cover

Voklam Kobo Aura One Cover. A stylish cover handmade to order in Great Britain. It features teal, green and orange shades. A soft interior protects the e-readers from scratches. You Kobo is held with Velcro system and the cover is secured with an elasticated strap. ⇢ eBay – $28.


Kobo Aura Edition 2 SleepCover

Kobo Aura Edition 2 SleepCover. An original accessory sold directly from Kobo website for customers in the US and Canada. It offers all you could expect from a sleep cover design: thin and lightweight design, integrated clips, and magnetic closure. Please note that this cover is not compatible with other Kobo Aura e-readers.

Kobo Aura Edition 2 SleepCover is available in two color options: Black and Blue. ⇢ Kobo – $29.99.


Duragadget Water Resistant Kobo Aura One Travel Case

Duragadget Kobo Aura One Travel Case. A lightweight premium-quality pouch compatible with Kobo Aura One. It’s a useful travel accessory, crafted in a strong and sustainable neoprene.

The pouch is available in as much as seven colors, including Blue (above), Orange, and Purple. ⇢ Amazon – $12.99.


BluCase Kobo Sleeve

BluCase Kobo Sleeve. BluCase is our favorite Etsy shop with e-reader sleeves. It offers high-quality accessories for many models, all in trendy colors, made from durable printed linen and 5 mm foam for extra protection.

This particular sleeve is made for Kobo Mini, but you can also order the size for Aura One or Aura Edition 2. Just type your model in a message to seller. ⇢ Etsy – $13.99.


Phocket Dark Felt Kobo Sleeve

Phocket Dark Felt Kobo Sleeve. Elegant Kobo sleeve made from anthracite felt, and featuring two large outside pockets. Felt is 2mm thick what gives enough protection from bumps and dust.

This particular sleeve will fit Kobo Aura One. You can choose from nine accent colors. Make sure to explore other Kobo sleeves in Phocket Etsy shop. ⇢ Etsy – $17.


Gecko Kobo Aura Edition 2 Case Cover

Gecko Kobo Aura Edition 2 Case Cover. From Gecko Covers comes a solid premium case, designed to fit the 2016 Kobo Aura Edition 2. The case supports sleep/wake function and features Gecko Inside Holder that protects the entire frame.

The case is offered in four colors: Brown with Cork (shown above), Sky Blue, Red, and Black. ⇢ Gecko – $27.95.


Light Gray Felt Sleeve for Kobo Aura One

Light Gray Felt Sleeve for Kobo Aura One. If you want to get a felt case for your Kobo Aura, but prefer to buy it on eBay, here is something really interesting for you.

This envelope-style sleeve bag features a leather button and loop, and comes in three felt colors: Light Gray (above), Signal Green, and Black. ⇢ eBay – $8.90.


ACdream Premium Kobo Aura One Case

ACdream Premium Kobo Aura One Case. From ACDream comes the case designed to perfectly fit the 2016 Kobo Aura One e-reader. It supports auto wake/sleep feature that wakes the device while the front cover is being opened. The case is made from a high-quality faux leather. Interior is made of a soft microfiber and features a stylish text saying “vintage book case.”

Available in four colors: Black, Dark Purple, Black & White Leopard, and Vintage Brown (shown above). ⇢ Amazon – $9.99.

• • •

Kobo Aura One 2016 - thumbnailKobo Aura One 2016

8 GB / Black

The clearest screen
Become immersed in a superior print quality reading experience on the book-sized Kobo Aura One. With fewer and more seamless page turns, the sleek 7.8-inch Carta E-Ink screen has a thin, edge-to-edge design that’s lightweight and comfortable to hold for hours of reading.

ComfortLight Pro for nighttime reading
By reducing blue light exposure, the enhanced front light technology protects your eyes and provides the best nighttime reading experience. The automatic setting mimics the sun’s natural progression, emitting the optimal brightness and hue based on the time of day.

Waterproof for the ultimate escape
Sink into a good read while in the bath or take it poolside without worry. Your Kobo Aura One has HZO protection, making it waterproof from the inside out and is ready to go places other devices can’t. The coating technology applied to the electronics inside allows it to be fully submerged without the need for port covers.

Borrowing ebooks from the public library
Get connected to your local public library right from your Kobo Aura One with built-in OverDrive support. The set-up is easy and free, all you need is your library card.

⇢ Kobo $229.99

Kobo Aura Edition 2 2016 - thumbnailKobo Aura Edition 2 (2016)

4 GB / Black

Compact and comfortable
Discover a simple and natural eReading experience with Kobo Aura and get lost in your story on the 6-inch Carta E-Ink touchscreen. The lightweight design is comfortable to hold for hours of reading; you’ll never want to put it down.

Read day or night
Just like a printed page, you can read comfortably in direct sunlight without glare. Or, brighten your reading experience and read in the dark with our built-in, fully adjustable ComfortLight.

The perfect travel companion
Kobo Aura is compact and portable so you can take it with you just about anywhere. You’ll never run out of reading material with storage of up to 3,000 ebooks. With a battery life of up to 2 months, read an entire ebook on a single charge.

No two readers are alike
Create the reading experience that’s perfect for you by choosing from over 40 font sizes and 11 font types. With adjustable margins, the ability to highlight passages, write notes and have a built-in dictionary at the tap of a finger, the possibilities are endless with Kobo Aura.

Open up to endless reading possibilities
Have you ever finished a book and wanted to start the next one right away? Now you can with instant access to Kobo’s ebookstore, right from your Kobo Aura. Discovery is easy with handpicked personal recommendations based on your reading habits or by reading ratings and reviews from book lovers like you.

⇢ Kobo $119.99

• • •

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