10 bookshops you can visit right now on Google Street View

Bookshops to visit with Google Street View

There is a growing number of bookshops that you can explore before the visit to your next travel destination.

More and more bookshops move their online presence to the next level. They offer indoor tours powered by Google Street technology.

The idea of luring potential visitors with the interactive interior view is especially clever if the bookshop is located in one of big tourist destinations, like London, Barcelona, Berlin, or Tokyo.

La Central del MUHBA - bookshops on Google Street View
La Central del MUHBA – a bookshop in Barcelona that offers Google Street Indoor Tours

An example of La Central del MUHBA reveals how big the marketing potential of this tool can be. Just look at the picture, or the embedded Google Street View below, and you’ll see that a large English books section is located upstairs.

And if we involve some imagination, or simply predict how would Google Street View evolve, we could think of using much more advanced Google Street View indoor tools.

If you are a bookshop owner, check out whether you can offer Google Indoor Tours. The service is currently available in a dozen of countries, and not only in capitals, like a year ago. All you have to do is to sign up to a partner program and schedule a shoot with a Google trusted crew.

If you plan a trip, you are most probably using Google Maps to select attractions. You can easily find out whether the indoor tour is offered by a museum, café, or bookshop. In the pop-up widget look for the preview called “See inside”.

How to find Indoor Tour on Google Maps

Click on it, and right away you’ll visit the place and get the feel of it. Just like these ten beautiful bookshops listed below, from London to Tokyo to Seattle to Hong Kong to Singapore.

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10 bookshops on Google Street View

1. La Central del MUHBA

Address: Baixada de la Llibreteria, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Spain ‎
Website: lacentral.com

2. Book Corner

Address: 311 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA ‎
Website: libraryfriends.info

3. Watkins Books

Address: 19-21 Cecil Ct, London WC2N 4EZ, United Kingdom
Website: watkinsbooks.com

4. Yaesu Book Center

Address: 2-5-1 Yaesu, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
Website: yaesu-book.co.jp

5. Oscar and Friends Booksellers

Address: 19-27 Cross St, Double Bay NSW 2028, Australia ‎
Website: oscarandfriends.com.au

6. Buchhandlung Moritzplatz

Address: Prinzenstraße 85, 10969 Berlin, Germany
Website: buchhandlung-moritzplatz.de

7. BooksActually

Address: 9 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168645
Website: booksactually.com

8. Panta Rhei

Address: Calle Hernán Cortés, 7, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Website: panta-rhei.es

9. The Paperback Bookshop

Address: 60 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Website: paperbackbooks.com.au

10. Arundel Books

Address: 214 1st Ave S B-18, Seattle, WA ‎
Website: arundelbookstores.com

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