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Books that children want to read (infographic)

Books that kids want to read intro

The highlights from the upcoming report by Scholastic show what children want in books.

Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, has prepared the 5th edition of the Kids & Family Reading Report.

The full report will be released in January 2015, but already now we can have a look at the main findings.

The infographic What Kids Want in Books (here is the download link to pdf file) shows what kind of books children want most.

When reading for fun, 70% kids aged between 6 and 17 want books that make them laugh. 54% claim they like reading books that inspire imagination. A third place, with 48%, is occupied by books telling a made-up story.

The study was conducted in August and September 2014. The sample includes 1,026 parents of children ages 6–17.

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Books that children want to read - infographic

Via Galley Cat.

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