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8 weird products designed to make reading more comfortable

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Weird things designed to make reading more comfortable

These products were invented to let us enjoy reading even more, but when you look at them, doubts arise.

Reading books is one of the most enjoyable activities under the sun (and under the reading lamp).

The idea to make reading more comfortable is convincing. Especially avid readers should have some good insights on what would help to make reading for the next few hours as comfortable as a few hours earlier.

There are many products that were designed and launched on the market with a comfort of reading in mind.

The items selected for this list, while having a very good approach – fixing a common problem readers have – are truly odd and overdone. At least when you see them for the first time and try to evaluate using logic and common sense.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to read a book one-handed? But is a heavy glass shield you put on an opened book the right way to go?

Or consider any of the advanced chairs and holders that let, at least in theory, read with both hands freed from holding a book. The idea is perfect, the concepts are not.

Ok, let’s give them a second chance. Which of these products you don’t perceive as weird and would actually want to test on your next novel?

8 bizarre book-related products

1. Reading stand with roll holder

Reading stand with roll holder

In the long history of two-in-ones this idea is the most bizarre I’ve even seen. It’s a reading stand designed for iPad, but it also includes a toilet paper holder.

The producer says that the pedestal “provides a convenient way to comfortably enjoy apps, eBooks, videos and web browsing at home.” At home?

Over 60% of people read in the bathroom, but this doesn’t automatically mean customers might have special needs related to their toilet habits.

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2. Bed Books

Bed books - the text is printed sideways

Everyone who reads in bed knows that reading on a side is not one of the most comfortable positions.

Bed Books are supposed to solve this problem. And this is where the problem begins. The books are printed sideways, so there is no left and right page, but top and bottom.

The promise is that you don’t have to sit up in order to read a book. These books “enable you to lie in any comfortable position and hold the book at an angle that works best for you.” What about not reading in bed on a side?

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3. Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag

Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag

Reading in a bath can seriously harm your book, but using some products can seriously make you laugh (well, this happened to me when I first saw this strange bag).

This waterproof book bag from You Bumi doesn’t submerge because it can be pumped like swimming pool balls. It also has two slots at the bottom, so that you could hold the book, and (after a year of heavy exercises) be able to turn the page.

It looks like waterproof cases for tablets and e-readers are less complicated.

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4. Bike Book Holder

Bike Book Holder

Most people prefer to read in bed, but there are some who choose more adventurous situations.

Here is a proposal for those who literally took Peter Golkin’s quote: “My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything.”

Travel Trac Book Caddy can be useful if you want to catch up on your reading and training. As the producer claims, it’s “perfect for all types of reading material. What about Gone with the Wind?

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5. Pentagonal reading nook

Pentagonal reading nook

Reading nooks and chairs are the coziest places on earth, but this one seems too small and uncomfortable.

The idea of this reading spot was to give maximum privacy. “Its pentagonal shape robust and compact is designed specifically cocoon, so as to allow each user to be protected and feels safe.”

This time I’d rather read in bed.

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6. Bed Prism Glasses

Bed Prism Glasses

The bed is the most comfortable place to read. It’s also the place where we want more comfort than we currently have.

What about lying flat on a bed and still being able to read? Well, these glasses turn your view to a downward 90-degree angle, so you don’t have to raise your head to read the book.

The benefit should be appealing especially to people with limited mobility, but I’m not sure my husband is going to accept the new design.

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7. Massaging Bed Rest

Massaging Bed Rest

For first class readers who suffer first world problems. This bed rest combo includes an advanced massage system, large side pockets for books, a built-in cup holder, and even an adjustable reading light.

“Fits you and your bed. Designed to fit any bed and support all body shapes and sizes.”

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8. Clear Book Weight

Clear Book Weight

This book weight is one of the solutions for hands-free reading. It’s great when you are cooking a dinner. It’s even good if you try to read during a windy day. But you’ll feel the burden of it every time you turn the page.

Imagine a sequence of movements: raise the weight, turn the page, put down the weight. Every two minutes.

Yes, it’s made from acrylic, so it’s lighter than glass, but on the other hand, it has to be heavy enough to serve the purpose it’s designed to meet.

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