The best 2018 infographics about books, libraries, and reading

Best book-related infographics of 2018

Take a look at twelve most interesting infographics that were released in 2018 and that focus on books, reading, libraries, and learning

What happened in 2018 in the beautiful world of books and reading? These twelve infographics are an entertaining and quick way to recap.

A few years ago, infographics were the hottest way of presenting facts and stats, sharing ideas, or explaining complex topics.

And you know what? They are still in the loop! Compared to the last year, which was mainly about reading, this year brought several fantastic infographics about libraries, learning, and books. We had a hard time picking up our recommendations.

On the list below, you will see infographics taking a closer look at book bestsellers, talking about the importance of libraries, or explaining the role of microlearning.

Plus, there is an example of always popular visuals putting together the most inspiring quotes from fiction.

Click or tap each image to see the entire infographic. Make sure to follow the “More info” link to visit the original source.

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Read also 12 infographics that will help improve your reading skills

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Best book and library infographics of 2018

1. Public libraries invaluable to world history

Best book-related infographics of 2018 - public libraries invaluable to world history

Click or tap to see the full infographic has released an infographic that takes a closer look at the most invaluable libraries in the history of humankind.

These libraries dating back as far as the 6th century, were – or still are – a part of monasteries, universities, royal palaces, and hospitals.

Many of these libraries have survived the trials of history and are home to some of the rarest collections that document cultures through the ages.

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2. Empowering quotes from fictional female characters

Most inspiring quotes from fictional female characters - best literary infographics of 2018

Click or tap to see the full infographic

From Playground Equipment comes an infographic that puts together the most outstanding thoughts shared by fictional female characters.

Read these short, empowering, thought-provoking quotes by Mary Poppins, Hazel Grace Lancaster, Lady Galadriel, or Elizabeth Bennet. You’ll get inspired, and maybe you will start thinking about how to change your attitude, find positive energy, and improve your life.

The infographic presents a wide spectrum of thoughts – about life, change, strength, and love. They are both inspiring and witty!

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3. The Man Booker Prize winners analyzed

How to win the Man Booker Prize - best infographics for writers in 2018

Click or tap to see the full infographic

What’s your favorite Booker Prize winner? To let you refresh the memory we’ve found an infographic that lists all winning titles between 1969 and 2013.

Designed and released by Delayed Gratification Magazine, the infographic (by the way, it’s one of the most excellent book infographics we’ve ever seen) is analyzing Booker Prize-winning authors and novels to see if there is any recipe to get the award.

Following the pattern, we could predict which book will win The Golden Man Booker Prize.

Ready? Here is it: the author should be a man in his fifties, born in England, writing a book about a man from the present day set in England whose narrative begins in the third person.

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4. How much are famous authors worth per word?

Best infographics of 2018 - how much are famous authors worth

Click or tap to see the full infographic

The team from Title Pro Loans has released an interesting infographic that answers a question “what would the top highest-paid authors of 2017 make if they were paid per word?”

The calculations are hypothetical, as many authors get a considerable part of their pay from everything else than writing – movie or TV deals, signings, or merchandise.

It’s incredibly interesting to see the value of every single word written by the big-name author. Just imagine: typing a few characters would give J.K. Rowling almost $1,000 in 2017. To be exact, it’s $957.66 per word.

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5. Every literary movement summed up in a single sentence

Best literary infographics of 2018 - every literary movement in one sentence

Click or tap to see the full infographic

This entertaining infographic by Courtney Gorter collects major movements in the history of literature and sums them up in a single sentence.

How would you describe the Age of Enlightenment? “We’ve figured out everything, more or less.” On the other side, Sturm und Drang, a counter-enlightenment movement in German literature in the late 18th century is cleverly described as “They’ve figured out nothing.”

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6. America seen through banned and challenged books

Banned and challenged books in America - book infographics of 2018

Click or tap to see the full infographic

To celebrate Banned Books Week the team from Invaluable has prepared an infographic that takes a closer look at banned books in the United States.

The visual is based on yearly records provided by the American Library Association from years 1990 to 2016. The most important information is that only 10% of challenged books are banned.

A factor which makes it difficult to ban a book in America is the First Amendment to the Constitution. It prevents Congress from making any law prohibiting or abridging the freedom of speech and press.

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7. Guinness World Records related to books and reading

World records related to books and reading - book infographics of 2018

Click or tap to see the full infographic

Do you know who the youngest person to write a published book is? Or where the highest library in the world is, and on which floor?

You’ll find these facts in the infographic that was created to celebrate World Book Day, and released by Tickled Pink.

The infographic puts together eight impressive records that are related to reading, books, and libraries.

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8. Benefits of reaching modern learners with mobile devices

Best of 2018 - reaching modern learners with smartphones

Click or tap to see the full infographic

You don’t need a Chromebook or a newest 9.7-inch iPad addressed to schools and education institutions to learn faster and more effectively.

All you need is a smartphone and a set of learning and reference apps.

In the infographic created by Agylia, you’ll find facts about smartphone usage, as well as figures about mobile learning.

Did you know that mobile learning market is estimated to reach $37.6 billion by 2020? Another interesting information is that as much as 70% of learners are more motivated when training on a mobile device compared to a computer.

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9. Anatomy of prize-winning books

Anatomy of prize-winning books - best book-related infographics released in 2018

Click or tap to see the full infographic

Who writes more prize-winning books: female or male authors? Which kind of narrative is most commonly used? Which of these books are most read, and which most commonly abandoned?

You’ll find the answers in a new infographic created by Goodreads. Their team examined 95 books that won major book prizes between 2000 and 2017. Pulitzer, National Book Awards, and the Man Booker are among awards that were taken into consideration.

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10. A concise history of publishing

The history of publishing - the best book infographics of 2018

Click or tap to see the full infographic

Ribbonfish, a platform that offers innovative solutions for modern publishing, has released an infographic that guides us through milestone moments in the history of printed word and publishing.

The timeline starts with the Diamond Sutra. A Chinese version of this influential Zen Buddhism book was dated back to the 9th century and is the oldest known printed book in the world.

The infographic includes also such publishing dates as the release of the first issue of The New York Times, the launch of Penguin Books, of latest facts about the digital publishing.

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11. Famous book covers and fun facts about them

Famous book covers and fun facts about them - best book infographics of 2018

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Just like books, book covers have their stories, too. Did you know, covers for all Virginia Woolf’s books were designed by her sister, Vanessa Bell?

The team from Invaluable has released a visual that puts together interesting facts about cover design. It starts with the briefly explained process of book cover creation and selection.

The next section of the infographic shares facts about 18 most famous book covers. Besides the edition, the name of the author and cover artist, you will find here a short fun fact about the cover.

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12. A guide to literary road trips across America

A complete guide to literary trips across the US - most interesting infographics of 2018

Click or tap to see the full infographic

The team from Car Rentals has created an infographic that takes a closer look at routes described in famous books, and tries to recreate them.

Besides On the Road by Jack Kerouac, you will find here Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson.

Each route includes the start and destination location, length, as well as travel time.

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