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This single iPad case deal is the best you can get this shopping season

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Zugu iPad deal on Amazon - Christmas 2019
Zugu case for iPad 9.7 is offered on Amazon for a price reduced by 33%, to $39.99 / Image: Amazon

Black Friday and pre-Christmas is the worst time to shop for iPad cases and accessories. But there is one prominent exception.

I keep saying it every time Black Friday is coming. Don’t buy Kindle, Fire, or iPad cases during pre-Christmas time and right after Christmas. Because you will overpay. And overpay a lot.

Here is a simple rule. Amazon and other producers cut prices of their popular devices, sometimes by even 50%.

What do customers do with the saved money? They usually spend it right away on must-have accessories: screen protectors, cases, Bluetooth keyboards, stands, cables, chargers, and thousands of other you-name-it peripherals.

A demand for accessories is peaking, so their producers don’t have to compete with low prices. They have already earned good ratings and reviews, so the trend is opposite – most cases for mobile devices have higher prices than just a few weeks earlier.

It’s even worse right after Christmas, when users head to Amazon with the only money to spare on a case (because they’ve just been gifted a tablet or e-reader).

Have you ever bought a highly discounted iPad case during Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend? You are a lucky man!

There are thousands of iPad cases on Amazon, but only few of them are offered right now at prices lowered by more than 10%.

Connect it with the fact that the prices have been raised in the recent weeks, and you may realize that the deal price is higher than the regular one in October.

There is one exception, though. And it’s a single iPad deal I’m willing to recommend during pre-Christmas time.

A brilliant military tested heavy-duty Zugu case for iPad 9.7 is $39.99. Your saving is $20 – 3% off the regular price set at $59.99.

Best iPad case brands on Amazon - Zugu heavy-duty cases
Zugu Muse almost perfect Apple iPad case

Why is this such a good deal? Because this case is worth every penny of those regular $60. Let’s take a quick look:

  • Multi-angle kick stand – not two, not three, but as many as seven angels the built-in stand can offer
  • The stand is secured by strong magnets – the grooves used to form a stand are supported by an internal magnetic fiberglass structure that’s a part of both the kickstand and the base
  • Car industry materials – Zugu claims they are using materials similar to those in Mercedes-Benz cars.
  • 360-degree 5-feet drop protection – the case was tested to withstand 5 feet (1.52 m) drop, even on hard surfaces such as concrete
  • Display functionality – the fiberglass magnetic structure can be used to attach the case to any metal structure. Imagine using your iPad as a kitchen TV
  • Integrated Apple Pencil holder – it’s not a loop which doesn’t give any protection; it’s a long elastic pocket located on the back side
  • Protective but lightweight – Zugu doesn’t look like an ordinary heavy-duty case. What’s more it’s extremely light!
  • One-year warranty – to give you a peace of mind, the case comes with a one-year warranty

Zugu cases for other iPad models are also on sale:

It’s hard to tell how long Zugu is going to keep lower prices, so you’ll have to make a quick decision.

⇢ Zugu for iPad

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