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41 gifts your dad will love as much as he loves books

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Best non-book gifts for dad
Take a look at the best non-book gifts for dad who loves books and reading / Images: Amazon, Etsy

Are you looking for a unique gift for the book-loving dad? Don’t you think it’s time to gift something that is not another book?

Books always make fantastic gifts. Gifting them every time – for Father’s Day, Christmas, your dad’s birthday or name day – might be, however, too obvious.

If not books then what? Have you considered gifts and accessories inspired by books? As you’ll see, there are more ideas at hand than you could think of.

Book holders, reading glasses, literary accessories, book-scented candles, clever jewelry, and innovative tech gadgets – it’s just the beginning.

You will find below also the gifts that are best suited when there is no time for delivery. Digital subscriptions are extremely convenient and are a proven way to avoid those awkward gift-giving moments.

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Opposite to gifts for mom, this overview comes with the shortest possible descriptions to help you save as much time as possible. You will get the ideas in less than a minute! Feel free to share it with your friends and followers!

Best bookish gifts for dad – highlights

Unique gifts for dad that are not book

In the following roundup, you will see non-book gifts that can help your dad enjoy books even more:

  • Book-reading holders and stands
  • Innovative reading glasses and accessories
  • Candles and soaps inspired by the scent of old books and libraries
  • Home decor accessories that are most suitable for book lovers’ home
  • Digital subscriptions and gift membership plans tailored for avid readers
  • Brand-new accessories for audiobook fans
  • Home appliances that combine multiple benefits
  • Accessories for electronic reading devices
  • Personal items and jewelry

Are you looking for a specific item that isn’t featured in this round-up? We may help you find it. Make sure to reach us on Twitter or Facebook, and we’ll be happy to share ideas.

Best non-book gifts for dad who loves reading


PagePal page holder - great gifts for fathers who love reading books

Walnut thumb page holder. Reading real books made easy – this page holder will let your dad keep the pages in a book held wide open with one hand.

⇢ Amazon – $19.99


Bookmark and weighted page holder - best bookish gifts for father

Bookmark and page holder in one. This great-looking bookmark doubles as a page holder. Opposite to thumb page holders, it’s weighted so you don’t need to hold the book to keep it open.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99


Dark-themed library candle - best gifts for my dad

Library-scented candle in a black glass tumbler. A book-scented candle is a perfect addition to every book-reading reading space. This deep masculine scent, inspired by the grand libraries on English manor houses, envelops you in the scents of sandalwood, leather, fruity tobacco, and yellowing pages.

⇢ Etsy – $28


Soap with a scent of a leather bound book - library gifts for dad

Leather bound book soap bar. The rich and creamy soap is composed of ingredients that deliver strong notes of crisp paper and leather wrapped in a subtle musty sweetness. The black color comes from activated charcoal known for its detoxifying features.

⇢ Etsy – $6.99


Personalized ex-libris book stamp - bookish gifts for dad

Personalized ex-librīs book stamp. This pen-and-ink stamp comes in a gift box, and, obviously, can be personalized with your dad’s name.

⇢ Etsy – $37


Literary classic book safe - best bibliophile gifts for dad

Literary classic book safe. Something your dad can place on a bookshelf. It looks like a book, but it’s not.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99


Industrial nightstand - perfect for books

Industrial nightstand – perfect for books. For someone who loves reading there is never enough space by the bed for all the currently read books. This bedside cabinet solves the problem and offers a charming vintage elegance.

⇢ Amazon – $59.99


Laptop table with tablet stand - top gifts for dads

Laptop table with book holder. If your dad loves to work and read in bed, he will appreciate the ultimate comfort this foldable laptop stand give. It comes with a special groove for tablets or Kindles, and anti-slip leg covers.

⇢ Amazon – $45.99


Magnetic book holder for reading glasses - gift ideas for mother

Clever book hanger for reading glasses. Does your father use reading glasses? Help him keep them handily attached to the book cover thanks to a clever magnetic hanger that works with both paperbacks and hardcovers.

⇢ Amazon – $8.99


Reading glasses and iPhone case in one - great gifts for dad

Reading glasses and iPhone case in one. Here is an idea for a tech-savvy dad who wants to have his reading glasses at hand when he starts reading a book or a text message from you.

⇢ Amazon – from $29


Blue light blocking reading glasses - great gifts for father

Blue light blocking reading glasses. A helpful gift if your dad reads a lot of books on a tablet. Blue light emitted by electronic displays is natural during a day, but should be reduced in the evening to avoid problems with sleep. These anti-eye strain glasses filter out up to 90% of blue light.

⇢ Amazon – $24.99


Gift pen with a quote from William Shakespeare - stylish gifts for dad

William Shakespeare luxury gift pen. If you are looking for a gift with an inspirational quote from a book, you can check out a series of luxury gift pens by Inkstone. We’ve chosen the one by William Shakespeare: “To thine own self be true.”

⇢ Amazon – $19.95


DIY recycled book binding kit - best gifts for book lovers

DIY bookbinding kit. This unique DIY set crafted by Peg and Awl teaches the art of traditional hand-bound bookbinding. It includes everything that’s needed to create a real journal to fill with story ideas or a draft of a new novel.

⇢ Amazon – $34


Kindle Unlimited gift plans for everyone - bookish gifts for father

Kindle Unlimited gift subscription. Your dad has a Kindle, but the real problem is how to pack it with the books? Kindle Unlimited subscription is an option worth considering, especially that you can easily gift it.

⇢ Amazon – from $48


Scribd subscription gift card - top gifts for dad to give this year

Scribd subscription. If your dad is not a Kindle or Kobo users, you can gift him a fresh alternative: Scribd. It’s a popular platform that offers its members full and unlimited access to all kinds of digital content, from ebooks to comic books, to audiobooks, to magazines & newspapers.

⇢ Scribd – from $25


Audible gift membership - gifts for father who loves audiobooks

Audible gift subscription. Your dad has a Kindle, smartphone or tablet? Consider giving him an Audible subscription. It’s a much better idea than gifting a single audiobook. The 3-month plan gives 3 full-length audiobooks and 6 Audible Originals.

⇢ Amazon – from $15


Bluetooth speakers integrated into sleep mask - gifts for dad who loves audiobooks

Sleep mask with audiobook headphones. Take a look at this soft sleep mask that features ultra-thin Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to that, your father can listen to audiobooks even when he is a side sleeper. The mask blocks out 100% of external light.

⇢ Amazon – $22.99


Long-lasting earphones - perfect for audiobooks

Long-lasting earphones – perfect for audiobooks. These earphones are compact, waterproof but, most importantly, they allow listening to audiobooks for up to 8 hours – enough for an entire audiobook!

⇢ Amazon – $22.99


Under-pillow speaker with mp3 player - best gifts for dads

Under-pillow speaker with MP3 player. Here is a gift for someone who loves to test new tech gadgets. This speaker system is designed to be placed under the pillow to listen privately but without headphones that are uncomfortable in bed.

⇢ Amazon – $49.99


Bose Frame audio sunglasses - premium gifts for dad

Audio sunglasses with open ear headphones. Bose audio sunglasses feature built-in over ear speakers that produce rich, immersive sound. Other people won’t practically hear anything, while your will still know what’s happening around him.

⇢ Amazon – $199


Single ear wireless earphone for audiobooks - best gifts

Single wireless earbud. Using one earphone helps control what’s happening around. Why buy two, then? This single-piece Bluetooth earbud can play audiobooks for up to 8 hours, and comes with an integrated noise-cancelling mic.

⇢ Amazon – $25.99


Neck reading light - best gifts for father

Neck reading light. This brand-new reading lamp is always with you. It’s perfect for the eyes, as the source of light is below the eye level. Elastic arms help position the lamp at the right angle.

⇢ Amazon – $18.99


Folding reading lamp that looks like a book - gifts for dad who loves books

Folding reading lamp that looks like a book. If you want to gift something that will suit you dad’s bedroom or library, this is one of the most clever ideas. When not in use, the lamp cant be folded and put on a bookshelf.

⇢ Amazon – $31.99


Paperlike Apple Pencil compatible screen protector - best gifts for dad

Paperlike screen protector for iPad. If your dad owns reads a lot on his iPad, he will like this high-definition screen protector that’s made of premium-quality Japanese PET film finished with a matte coating. It offers a natural feeling similar to moving a hand on a real paper.

⇢ Amazon – $13.99


"I Kant Even" coffee mug from Obvious State - top gifts for father

“I Kant Even” coffee mug. Oh, another coffee mug? Yes, it’s a coffee mug, but “we’re willing to plod through dense, convoluted sentences to unpack your ideas, but the buck stops at this 174-word monster from Critique of Pure Reason.”

⇢ Amazon – $16


Oxford Comma ceramic mug - best gifts for bibliophile dads

Oxford Comma mug. To use Oxford comma or not? This long-lasting discussion has finally found its way to be a part of book lovers’ real world!

⇢ Etsy – $16.99


Edgar Allan Poe wine holder - gifts for father who loves books and wine

Edgar Allan Poe wine holder. What’s your dad’s favorite evening drink? If it’s wine, give this clever wine holder a try. You put it on the neck of the bottle, and it can hold two wine glasses.

⇢ Etsy – $7


Wine in literature poster - best gifts for book-loving father

“Wine in Literature” poster. This great poster, designed by Tim and Aurelia Sanders, is a collection of wine-inspired quotations by William Shakespeare, Rumi, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, among others.

⇢ Amazon – $17.99


Headphone bookends - unique gifts for dad

Headphone bookends. Is your dad halfway between books and music? These vintage bookends are something that’s suitable to hold both the good old hardback and the good old vinyl.

⇢ Amazon – $32.99


Stacked books bookends and organizer - home decor gifts for dad

“Stack of Books” bookends and organizer. Something for your dad’s home library. These wooden bookends that double as desktop organizers. Each one is designed to look like a stack of classic books. Various colors of paint simulate book spines and pages. The books stacked horizontally hide small drawers that can be used to store small items.

⇢ Amazon – $26.99


Scroll wine rack bookends

Wine rack bookends. If your dad happen to love both books and wine – these decorative scroll bookend wine racks will display the best of the best.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99


A Midsummer Night's Dream throw blanket - literary gifts for dad

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” throw blanket. How to make dad’s reading space cozier? This 51 × 60 throw blanket features graphic elements of the first edition of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

⇢ Society6 – from $41


Umbra hidden bookshelf

Hidden bookshelf. A clever, award-winning design by Miron Lior lets show a stack of books as they were floating.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99


Bookshop enamel pin - gorgeous gifts for fathers

Bookshop enamel pin. This black, gray, and white pin is a little statement your dad would use not only for family meetings.

⇢ Etsy – $10


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost key ring

Tolkien key ring. The famous phrase “Not all those who wander are lost” comes from a poem written by J.R.R. Tolkien for The Fellowship of the Ring. Making it a theme of a key ring gives it an extra meaning.

⇢ Etsy – $38.99


Cuff links made of book pages - best gifts for him

Cuff links made of rolled book pages. These wonderful cuff links are crafted with attention to details by Artsy Heartsy Boutique. The book pages are hand-cut into strips and rolled into a coil and put into a metal bezel.

⇢ Etsy – $23


Bookity Great Gatsby cufflinks

“The Great Gatsby” cufflinks. What about personal accessories? These cufflinks from Bookity are the top choice for many Etsy users. They include real pages from damaged copies of The Great Gatsby.

⇢ Etsy – $22.99


Bedside charging organizer

Bedside charging book holder and organizer. This bedside caddy provides a few compartments that differ in size: for a book, tablet, phone, or magazine. Plus, it has a built-in USB charger to conveniently charge two devices at once.

⇢ Amazon – $44.99


Bedside book organizer - best gifts for dad to give this year

Premium felt bedside organizer. This bedside organizer is made of premium double-layer felt which will not deform even when you put heavy things inside. It features 2 rear pockets, 2 front pockets, 1 main pocket, and 2 holes for charging cables. Is it something your dad would use?

⇢ Amazon – $16.99


Innovative nightstand lamp and USB charger

Nightstand lamp & USB charger. This modern, minimalist LED bedside lamp looks like a glowing ring. It comes with a touch-operated dimmer that lets you reduce light to 50 or 30%. It also features a built-in USB charger.

⇢ Amazon – $49.99


Multipurpose reading lamp - tech gifts for mom

Multipurpose reading lamp. The touch-activated LED lamp with 48 combinations of brightness and color. Digital alarm clock. Calendar. Flash drive. And, most importantly, a Bluetooth speaker with long battery life, perfect for long nights with favorite audiobooks.

⇢ Amazon – $36.99

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Where to buy non-book gifts for book-loving dad?

I hope you’ve found this list helpful. If not, make sure to explore these online stores.

Amazon Handmade – many users find gifts for father on Amazon. When you search the entire store, you may easily get disappointed with too many items that look cheap. However, in Amazon’s section called Handmade, you can find goods that are beautifully hand-crafted to order and can be personalized.

Not on the High Street – the site is a default online destination for gift-seeking users from the UK. If you want to find inspiration for homemade gift ideas for dad, this is the site you should check out.

Zazzle – it’s one of the largest online destinations for gifts and accessories of all kinds. You can pick up a ready-to-use artwork and choose the item you want it on. If you prefer to use your own photo or design, you can do it as well! A customized gift for dad? Try Zazzle.

Literary Emporium – an online store dedicated to all kinds of literary gifts, one of the favorite destinations of book lovers in the UK. You can find here clothing, jewelry, personal accessories, as well as stationary and prints.

Etsy – visit Etsy and you’ll immediately realize it’s loaded with gorgeous gifts your father would love to receive. As all items are made to order, there are several ways to add a personal message – also for the bookish items listed above.

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Breathable 3D sleep headphones – great for audiobooks

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Cute book sleeve

Cute book sleeve – great for print books and e-readers

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Hands-free pillow stand

Hands-free pillow stand – great for e-readers and print books

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