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20 beautiful home decor essentials for book lovers

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Best home decor for book lovers
Take a look at the best examples of book-themed home decor that we’ve found for you on the web

What do a flower pot, desk clock, safe box, LED lamp, cutting board and tissue dispenser have in common? They all look like books!

In times when most of the books can be stored on a single e-reader or tablet, there comes a problem book lovers haven’t experienced before: how to express the love for books?

Hundreds of books on the Kindle means you won’t need a classic floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, or, at least, you won’t need a bookshelf that large.

But it’s good to have things at home that remind you of the evening you will spend with the book and a cup of delicious tea.

Home decor accessories you’ll see below are brilliant ideas for the home where the love of books have helped raise kids, their parents, and grandparents.

These accessories and appliances combine the calming look of the classic book with their primary goal: storing valuables, displaying time, holding pens and pencils, or giving ambient light.

We want to stress, that none real book, even a damaged one, was used to create these accessories.

Home decor ideas for book lovers: 20 must-have accessories and appliances

1. Jane Mount bookish ceramic vase

Home decor items for book lovers - bookish ceramic vase by Jane Mount
Beautifully designed by Jane Mount, this vase a part of an impressive series / Image: Amazon

Illustrated by acknowledged bibliophile Jane Mount and adorned with elegant touches of gold, this book-shaped vase will add literary feel to any room.

The vase measures 3.63 × 4.75 × 2 inches and features on the back an inspiring quote by John Keats: “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.”

This is a perfect gift for an aspiring writer or an avid book lover in your life

⇢ Amazon – $17.99

2. Modern floating bookshelf with LED lights

Contemporary floating bookshelf with LED lights - home decor for book lovers
A modern-looking bookshelf is combined with LED lights in this design from Costzon / Image: Amazon

A small bookshelf can be enough to keep the most important books, while the rest is stored on your Kindle or other reading devices.

This contemporary floating bookshelf comes with built-in LED lights, so that you can create atmosphere in a place where you love to read books.

Add to it one of these clever bookends, and your new reading nook is ready!

⇢ Amazon – $39.99

3. “Stack of Books” bookends & organizer

Book-like home decor accessories - MyGift stacked books bookends
Put your favorite books between the bookends that look like stacks of antique books / Image: Amazon

Bookends are among the most creative home accessories you can get. If they are supposed to hold books, why can’t they look like books?

From MyGift comes a set of two wooden bookends that double as desktop organizers. Each one is designed to look like a stack of classic books. Various colors of paint used on the front and sides simulate book spines and pages.

The books stacked horizontally hide small drawers that you can use to store small items, such as jewelry or office supplies.

⇢ Amazon – $26.99

4. Beautiful book-like storage boxes

Home decor accessories for boknerds - All Things Brighton Beautiful storage boxes
Store your jewelry and other valuables with style / Image: Not on the High Street

Which of these objects is a book? None! You are looking at three variants of a storage box designed and created by All Things Brighton Beautiful.

The boxes are ideal for storing a variety of household items. They could be also used as secret storage compartments hidden among other books on a bookshelf.

⇢ NOTHS – £17.95

5. Modern geometric decorative bookends

Modern decorative bookends - home decor for book lovers
Contemporary tri-cube geometric bookends from Universal Lighting and Decor / Image: Amazon

If you are looking for decorative bookends that combine contemporary look with refreshing geometric shape, you have to check out a new set from Universal Lighting and Decor.

These lightweight-looking metal bookends offer an open tri-cube design and are finished with burnished antique brass.

Each bookend is 7.5-inch high and weight approximately 3.4 pounds.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99

6. AmazonBasics “English Dictionary” book safe

Bookish home accessories - AmazonBasics book safe

There is no better way to hide valuables than put them between the books. Now, the only question is whether you need some extra protection.

If you feel that a key lock or combination lock is something worth having, take a look at a safe box from AmazonBasics.

The safe is concealed behind the cover of The New English Dictionary. Fabric, spine, and typography are designed to make you feel you are looking at a real book.

⇢ Amazon – $6.99

7. “Alice in Wonderland” furniture book box

Alice in Wonderland furniture book box - home decor that's book lovers' dream
One of the boxes includes five patches for storing rings and earrings / Image: Etsy

Beautifully designed by Helen Romanenko, this piece of furniture is a dream for book lovers and a tribute to the imagination.

The three-drawer box looks like a stack of Alice in Wonderland books. The drawers are made of metal, paper, and wood. They are artificially aged and completed in decoupage and 3D.

A perfect place to store jewelry, small accessories, diary, and dreams.

⇢ Etsy – $195

8. Pawaca decorative book-shaped LED lamp

Next-generation home appliances for book lovers - Pawaca decorative light
This LED lamp is portable – you can bring the reading mood everywhere / Image: Amazon

There is no better place for reading books than a fireside. It’s not only about warmth, but also ambient light the flames create.

This decorative lamp from Pawaca gives the same atmosphere but it does much more: you can change the nature of light. Artificial Vivid Fire, Dynamic Moving Flame, or Retrofit Oil Lamp, are among available light modes.

You can recharge the lamp via USB. With 600mAh lithium batteries, it can provide light for up to 12-hour reading sessions.

⇢ Amazon – $12.99

9. Ideahouse Studio “Fairy Tale” rechargeable book lamp

Ideahouse Studio bedside lamp - home decor essentials for book loving kids
Open each lamp to reveal a beautiful children’s book illustration that plays nice with the back light / Image: Etsy

Look what we’ve found on Etsy! From Ideahouse Studio comes a book lamp that’s perfect for children’s room. It creates a beautiful atmosphere when you read books together and will help your kid fall asleep easier.

Currently, you can choose from three variants: The Ugly Duckling, Cinderella, and Moby Dick.

⇢ Etsy – $32

10. Cyboris book-shaped Bluetooth speaker

Bookish home appliances - Cyboris book-shaped Bluetooth speaker
It’s just a matter of time to see the speaker on Amazon / Image: AliExpress

In the era of digital audiobooks, Bluetooth-enabled speakers and headphones are more important for book lovers than ever before.

This speaker from Cyboris is exceptional. It was designed to resemble a real book. It’s available in three colors: Beige, Cyan, and Magenta. With a battery capacity between 6600 and 13200 mAh, it can also be used as a power bank.

Where are you going to put it – a living room or a home library?

⇢ AliExpress – $59.99

11. Portable Bluetooth speaker with detachable book cover

Book-shaped portable Bluetooth speaker - home decor gifts for book lovers
Book-like Bluetooth speaker with detachable case
This portable Bluetooth speaker from DOSS has a detachable case that behaves and looks like a book cover / Image: Amazon

If you’d rather shop on Amazon, and prefer to have a speaker that you can carry, take a look at a design from DOSS.

Called “Cloud Book,” the speaker is designed to look like a real book, and has dimensions of a hardcover. It can connect directly to your Wi-Fi network, and gives a one-touch access to your music and audiobooks.

A rechargeable battery will let it play audiobooks for up to 12 hours. The cover is made to work as a stand case for Kindle or iPad: you can fold it to form a stand.

⇢ Amazon – $59.99

12. MyGift pencil holder – “Stack of books”

Decorative home accessories for book lovers - MyGift pencil holder
It’s a perfect gift for a book-loving parent / Image: Amazon

Every home library needs this little decorative accessory offered by MyGift.

This pencil holder and desk organizer looks like a stack of ornate library books. The top part is a two-part pencil holder.

The book on the bottom is a pull-out drawer ideal for storing paper clips, rubber bands, or erasers.

⇢ Amazon – $17.99

13. Romeo and Julienne cutting board

Kitchen accessories book-themed - Romeo and Julienne cutting board
A must-have accessory of a book lover’s kitchen / Image: Amazon

It’s the most clever item in this overview. When you think about Shakespeare’s classic romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet, the dagger is the first prop which comes to mind.

Meet Romeo & Julienne beech wood cutting board. Fun, functional, and extremely solid, the board is “bound to raise the taste level in your kitchen.”

Offered by Fred & Friends, the cutting board measures 9.5 × 6.65 × 1 inch.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

14. NovelTeas book-shaped tea tins

Book-shaped home decor ideas - NovelTeas teas and tea tins
You should also check out other variants and gift sets / Image: NovelTea Tins

Every book lover would be excited to receive it as a gift: a literature-inspired blend of teas in a tin resembling a classic edition of the favorite novel.

The best part is that these tasteful cover artworks feature clever modifications of book titles. Our favorite variants are Pride and Peppermint or The Picture of Earl Gray.

⇢ NovelTeas – $34

15. Glass vase bookends

Glass vase bookends - home decor for book lovers
Mouth-blown vase bookends / Image: Uncommon Goods

Who says flowers and water don’t belong in a library? Monika Lubkowska-Jonas’ mouth-blown glass vases let you add a dash of natural beauty to your bookshelf.

The bookends feature substantial bases, what makes them heavy enough to keep not only books between them, but also store stationery, pencils, or paint brushes.

⇢ Uncommon Goods – $44.99

16. Yournelo antic book flower plant pot

Book-shaped home decor - Yournelo flower plant pot
It took a lot of effort to make this pot look like a stack of books / Image: Amazon

Books contain all the wisdom of the world. They can also contain some flowers.

Well, this flower plant pot from Yournelo is not made from real books, but some people may think it is!

The material used for the vase is cement, but the effect is stunning. Every time I look at it, I see flowers growing from a stack of three antic books.

⇢ Amazon – $12.99

17. Steampunk industrial bookends

Home decor essentials for book lovers - steampunk industrial bookends
A set of two L-shaped torched wood bookends with rustic elbow and flange fittings / Image: Amazon

From our favorite brand of bookish home decor, My Gift, come fantastic industrial-style bookends made of specially treated pipes and L-shaped torched rustic wood.

These bookends will go well with any rustic, steampunk, or industrial home interior.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99

18. Ideahouse Studio desk clock

Book-shaped home appliances - Ideahouse Studio desk clock
It’s not only a clock that you can put on a bookshelf. Inside, there is a small storage compartment / Image: Etsy

Here is another cute home appliance from Ideahouse Studio. It’s a desk clock that looks like a hardcover book. Made from the paper in Korea, the clock doubles as a secret storage box.

Currently, you can choose between In Search of Lost Time (which we love for obvious reasons) and The Ugly Duckling.

⇢ Etsy – $24

19. Advanced bedside lamp and charger

Home decor appliances for book lovers - next-generation nightstand lamp charger
From Brightech comes a unique ring reading lamp that doubles as an USB charger / Image: Amazon

You are looking at one of the most innovative home products – which is also one of the most sought-after gifts for book geeks.

From Brightech comes a modern, minimalist LED bedside lamp that looks like a glowing ring. It comes with a touch-operated dimmer that lets you reduce light to 50 or 30%.

It’s not all. The lamp features a built-in USB charger, so that you can reload your phone, tablet, or e-reader to 100% during the night.

⇢ Amazon – $49.99

20. Tosnail “Antique Books “tissue dispenser

Home decor ideas for book lovers - Tosnail tissue dispenser
It’s something you may want for your next book club meeting / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best decoration desk accessory for book lovers

Not only for lovers of romance books – a wooden holder that will perfectly accommodate a box of tissues.

Offered by Tosnail, the box is hand-crafted and hand-painted to resemble a stack of antique books. The top opens easily for convenient replacing of a tissue box.

Approximate dimensions are 4 × 10.75 × 6.5 inches.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

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Where to buy unique gifts for book lovers?

I hope you’ve found this list helpful. If not, make sure to explore our favorite online stores with the largest selection of literary gifts.

Amazon Handmade – many users find gifts for mom and dad on Amazon. When you search the entire store, you may easily get disappointed with too many items that look cheap. However, in Amazon’s sub store called Handmade, you can find goods that are beautifully hand-crafted to order and can be personalized.

Not on the High Street – the site is a default online destination for gift-seeking users from the UK. If you want to find inspiration for homemade gift ideas for dad, this is the site you should check out.

Zazzle – it’s one of the largest online destinations for gifts and accessories of all kinds. You can pick up artwork and choose the item you want it on. If you prefer to use your own photo or design – you can do it! A customized gift for mom? Try Zazzle.

Literary Emporium – an online store dedicated to all kinds of literary gifts, one of the favorite destinations of book lovers in the UK. You can find here clothing, jewelry, personal accessories, as well as stationary & prints.

Etsy – visit Etsy and you’ll immediately realize that it’s loaded with gorgeous gifts a daughter or son would love to give their dad. As all items are made to order, there are several ways to add a personal message – also for the bookish items listed above.

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