50 best Amazon Fire cases and accessories – the complete 2020 guide

The best cases and accessories for Amazon Fire tablets
The best cases and accessories for Amazon Fire tablets
This ultimate list of top case covers and accessories compatible with Amazon Fire tablets includes the best designs for all currently available models / Images: Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Best Buy

If you want to find a unique and practical case for your new Fire tablet, make sure to explore this extensive but brief list of top 50 items from around the web, not only the Amazon store.

Amazon Fire tablets are the most convenient way to enjoy digital content from Amazon. These tablets are solid, available at highly affordable prices, and perfect for all family members.

Their prices as so low that many users ask themselves a question whether to buy an accessory at all. For example, the original Amazon Fire 7 case cover costs almost the same as the tablet itself!

Are you going to buy a case for your Amazon Fire tablet, anyway? On one side the cost of the accessory is too high when compared to the tablet. On the other hand, what you have saved on the tablet you can spend on the accessory.

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Amazon claims their tablets are a few times more durable than the ones from Apple. Why give extra protection, then?

The choice is yours but remember: the case is not only about protecting the screen from scratches and the tablet from accidental drops. There are two more benefits cases and sleeves give: personality and functionality.

Thousands of tablets are being sold every day. The case is a way to express your style and way of living. You can’t achieve it by buying a black tablet and a black case cover. This list will open your eyes to dozens of other possibilities.

The other benefit is enhanced functionality. Many cases can be transformed into stands. You will be able to watch videos or type emails conveniently. Some cases have hand straps. Thanks to them you can use the tablet with one hand. Other cases have built-in stylus loops. Others have pockets for documents or cables. Just name what you want, and you will most probably find a case with this feature!

Best Amazon Fire cases – visual highlights

Best Amazon Fire case roundup 2019

If you haven’t found the case or accessory, feel free to ask us a question on social media or via the contact form, and we will try to find the product that answers your needs.

Best Amazon Fire cases to buy in 2019

Amazon Fire 7 cases


Book-style Fire 7 stand case with stylus loop

Book-style case with stylus loop. If you are looking for a solid Fire 7 case that gives a feel of holding a real book, check out the range of stand covers released by MoKo.

You can turn a case into a stand (two positions: vertical or horizontal). There is also a hand strap making it easy to hold the Fire in one hand. Plus, there is a loop to keep your touchscreen stylus always with you.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99


Slim fabric Amazon Fire 7 2019 tri-fold cover

Slim fabric tri-fold smart cover. Are you looking for an affordable lightweight case that works similarly to Apple’s Smart Cover? Take a look at Poetic Slimline tri-fold design.

Just like in the Smart Cover, you can close the case to put the device to sleep, and open it to wake. The outside is made of the premium fabric, giving the same feel as the original Fire 7 case from Amazon.

⇢ Amazon – $14.95


Tri-fold Amazon Fire 7 cover with flexible back

Premium flexible back Amazon Fire 7 tri-fold case. Here is another third-party tri-fold case for the 2019 Amazon Fire 7-inch model. It is offered by Dadanism, and is one of few available cases that offer premium glossy look.

Most interesting feature is a backshell made of transparent (but referring to a color of the front) flexible PU material.

⇢ Amazon – $9.95


Original Amazon Fire 7 case covers 2019

Original case cover Amazon Fire 7, 2019 model. The first thing you do after adding the new device to cart is checking out original accessories. Just like for the previous generation, Amazon has released an original case cover in colors that match colors of the tablet itself.

Compared to tri-fold covers mentioned above, the original case for the Fire 7 tablet is twice as expensive.

A new range of colors includes Charcoal Black, Desert Orange, Plum, Sage, and Twilight Blue.

⇢ Amazon – $24.99


Fintie detachable keyboard case for 7-inch Amazon Fire

Detachable Bluetooth keyboard case for Fire 7. Fintie, one of the most popular case brands, offers a range of keyboard cases that are tailored for currently available Amazon Fire tablet.

This folio case connects via Bluetooth and works within 10 meters from the tablet. The keyboard is detachable, so you can take it out from the case when you don’t need it. The keys are real, just like in a laptop, and offer a tactile response with every stroke.

⇢ Amazon – $36.99


Designer folio stand case for Fire 7 tablet

Designer folio stand case. Take a closer look at this folio case from Poetic offered on eBay. It’s made of the premium faux leather and is available in a range of bright colors and designs.

⇢ eBay – $10.95


Designer Amazon Fire 7 2019 cases

Colorful tri-fold Fire 7 smart cover. Hungry for even more designs and patterns? Check out the slim and lightweight Amazon Fire 7 case from Detuosi that’s already tailored to fit the Fire 7 model released in 2019.

You can choose from over ten variants. You’ll find here popular designs: Butterfly, Classic Owl, and other geometric patterns, painting-style art, or art inspired by nature.

⇢ Amazon – $10.99


Beautiful crocheted Fire 7 handmade sleeve

Crocheted sleeve for Fire 7 tablet. This insanely beautiful tablet sleeve is crocheted in Bulgaria from soft and strong blended cotton. It closes with a lovely plastic rainbow button and a loop.

In a Petite Le Ru shop on Etsy, you’ll find lots of other designs, not only the Rainbow, shown above. In a message to seller, please provide the dimensions of the Fire 7.

⇢ Etsy – $24.99


White linen Amazon Fire 7 protective sleeve

White Linen Fire 7 sleeve. Have you ever thought of giving your Fire tablet a different kind of protection? A sleeve is something worth considering.

Our favorite place for tablet sleeves is Blu Case. The sleeves are made of light and durable handmade linen and have a 5 mm lightweight foam to protect your tablet from scratches, bumps, and grime.

When making an order, select “Fire 7” from a drop-down menu, or message the shop owner with the name and dimensions of your Fire tablet.

⇢ Etsy – $19.95


Shockproof water-repellent sleeve fits Amazon Fire 7

Shockproof water repellent sleeve. Take a look at a sleeve from Evecase. It’s a highly popular design on Amazon and will fit the 2019 Fire perfectly. With inner dimensions by 1 cm higher than the size of the tablet, you will easily slide the tablet in and out, while giving it 100% protection.

It’s worth stressing that the sleeve is not only shockproof but also water repellent. It comes in four color options and features a large front pocket for cables, charger, earphones and other essentials.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99


Cutest Amazon Kindle Fire 7 natural sleeve

Cute Kindle Fire Cute Pet Sleeve. If you want something cute in touch and look, a proper sleeve is almost ideal. This awesome sleeve from Julia Cute includes three layers: smooth inside lining, fleece for softness and safety cover, and a beautiful decorative fabric on the outside.

You can order the sleeve in one of three design options: Cat, Bear, or Bunny. When placing an order, select “custom-made size” and provide the dimensions of your Fire 7 tablet.

⇢ Etsy – $33.90


Dark gray felt sleeve for Amazon Kindle Fire tablet 7-inch

Premium felt sleeve for Fire 7. The list of tablet cases wouldn’t be complete with the felt sleeve. And as the main hero of this Fire 7 overview is color, we present the colored felt sleeves from Felt Bag World.

The sleeve has a large external pocket for essentials. You can choose from as much as 21 felt colors. There is also an option to customize the dimension of the sleeve, for instance, make it bigger to accommodate the tablet with the case.

⇢ Etsy – $23.99


Minimalist business-style stand case for Fire 7 tablet

Minimalist folio stand case for Fire 7 tablet. With 0.4 in (9.6 mm) of depth, the all-new Fire 7 is quite thick. Therefore, the perfect case would be the one that’s as thin as possible.

Such is a premium folio case from MoKo. Thanks to using advanced materials and a folio structure instead of tri-fold, the case adds as little as possible to the overall depth of the tablet.

⇢ Amazon – $13.99


Kid-friendly third-party Amazon Fire 7 convertible case

Kid-friendly convertible Fire 7 case. A perfect kid-proof heavy-duty case for any parent who does not want to overpay for Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet.

The case is offered in either Pink or Blue. It’s made of shock-resistant EVA foam to prevent from bumps, dust, and scratches. A large foldable multi-purpose handle doubles as a convenient kickstand for easy media viewing.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99


Library-themed Fire 7 tri-fold case

Library-themed tri-fold case cover. From Fintie comes an ultra slim and lightweight tri-fold case with a built-in stand and sleep/wake support.

The functionality of the case is similar to other smart covers, but what we love about Fintie is a wide range of colors and designs – including the ones introduced in 2019. We absolutely love the variant with the library illustration.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

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Amazon Fire HD 8 cases


Vintage folio stand case for Amazon Fire HD 8

Vintage folio Fire HD 8 stand case. A stylish folio case from ProCase has the feel of a vintage book. It combines solid protection with a stylish look. On the outside, you’ll see the premium-quality faux leather, while the interior is lined with a soft microfiber.

Multiple slots let position the stand in a range of angles, not just two. Unlike other folio cases, you’ll find here a large exterior pocket for documents and papers. There is also a stylus loop. And you know what? The free stylus comes in a box as well!

⇢ Amazon – $17.99


MoKo kickstand case for Amazon Fire HD 8

Slim kickstand case for Fire HD 8. This slim case is one of the most characteristic designs from MoKo and is now available also for the 8-inch Fire tablet. What catches the attention is the way the case is attached to the tablet. It’s just the corners!

Besides that, the case supports the wake/sleep feature and has a built-in stand that offers three angles. Available in three colors: Black, Starry Night, and Floral Purple.

⇢ Amazon – $10.99


Boxing Cat tri-fold Amazon Fire HD 8 stand case

Cute tri-fold Smart Cover alternative. You are looking at one of the coolest Amazon Fire cases you could get this year. It was released by a rather unknown brand called Anvas.

It’s a standard tri-fold case like many other you can find on Amazon, but its distinct feature is the design. The boxing cat is awesome! Besides the cat, you can find in the same range Cute Dog and Elephant.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99


Original Show Mode Charging Dock for Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 8. This innovative accessory charges your tablet, turns it into a stand, and protects it like a case cover (however, only the back is protected).

When you put your Fire HD 8 into the dock, your tablet will the most use of Alexa hands-free voice-activated assistant. You can make a video call, start an audiobook, or ask for news feed, to name just a few possibilities.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99


Lightweight Slimline Case for Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet

Lightweight slimline case for Fire HD 8. The case is a typical tri-fold design – it supports auto wake/sleep feature, has a built-in stand, and is extremely lightweight.

Available in seven colors, including Rose Gold, Gold, Green, and Red. IVSO offers a lifetime guarantee.

⇢ Amazon – $13.90


Detachable keyboard stand case for Fire HD 10

Folio keyboard case with kickstand. You are looking at one of the most popular keyboard cases for Fire tablets that you can currently find on Amazon.

The keyboard panel is magnetically detachable so that you can remove it from the case when you don’t need it. It connects to the tablet via Bluetooth module and can be used within the 10-meter distance.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99


MoKo Folio Stand Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 and 2017

Designer folding folio stand. From MoKo, one of our favorite providers of cases and accessories comes a standing folio cover designed specifically for the 8-inch Amazon Fire tablet.

The case is made from a durable polyurethane leather (outside) and a microfiber (inside) to give durable and versatile protection. It supports auto wake/sleep function, features the magnetic clasp, stylus loop, and has a built-in stand. A hand strap lets you comfortably use the tablet with one hand.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99


Fintie Amazon Fire HD 8 folio stand cover with pocket

Folio stand cover with external pocket. What makes this case different from other folio stand covers is a large outside pocket where you can place documents, bills, sticky notes, or a library card.

Besides that, the folio from Fintie has a built-in stand with three viewing angles and the magnetic strip that allows for support of the auto sleep/wake function.

⇢ Amazon – $19.99


NuPro zipper bag for Fire 7 and Fire HD 8

NuPro zipper sleeve bag for Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. Many parents buy the special edition of the Fire tablet that’s designed for kids. If you want your kids to carry the tablet easily and safely, think about the smart zippered sleeve released by NuPro. It’s designed to fit the 8-inch Fire together with the protective bumper case.

Inside the bag, you will find a name tag and interior pockets for cables and essentials. There is also a large exterior compartment.

⇢ Amazon – $19.99


Best Amazon Fire HD 8 case covers on eBay

Amazon Fire HD 8 stand case on eBay. When looking for Fire cases and accessories, it’s always good to explore other online stores and marketplaces, not only Amazon. For instance, on eBay, you can spot covers in colors and patterns that are not available anywhere else.

Take a look at this bright, vivid, and refreshing design of the tri-fold stand case. In one eBay listing, you will see more than ten other colors.

⇢ eBay – $10.99


Slimline floral Amazon Fire HD 8 stand case

Floral stand case with transparent back shell. Just like any other tri-fold case, it offers the auto sleep/wake support, built-in stand, and easy access to all ports and buttons.

What makes this case from MoKo unique is the back shell. It’s made of fully transparent plastic. Great idea! If you buy the Kindle Fire HD 8 in your favorite color, you will be able to see it all the time!

Now, the thrill is what color and pattern of the case to pick up to go well with the color of the tablet. And there are over twenty variants at hand.

⇢ Amazon – $12.99


Fintie Amazon Fire HD 8 designer slim shell tri-fold cover

Designer tri-fold Smart Cover alternative. Just for a quick comparison, we present the case from Fintie. It’s the same standard tri-fold design, but it comes in well over thirty colors and patterns.

Besides the plain colors, the designs are different from what other case producers offer. There are plenty of styles and moods to choose from. The Totoro is just the one we like most.

⇢ Amazon – $10.99


Protective heavy-duty Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 case cover

Mandala heavy-duty Fire HD 8 case cover. From Pixiu comes a shockproof case with a stylish flower mandala pattern on the back, making it more girl-friendly. Looks like a perfect gift for women!

You can choose from three color combinations, with Black, Mint Green, and Rose Gold as dominant colors.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99


Most popular keyboard case for Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

Bluetooth keyboard case for Amazon Fire HD 8. Many users consider getting a keyboard for their tablet. It makes it much easier to answer an email or type a Facebook status.

MoKo offers one of such cases. The Bluetooth keyboard is easily detachable, so you don’t need to keep it inside the case all the time. The keys are made like the ones in laptops, giving a tactile response with every stroke.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99


BluCase White Linen Amazon Fire HD 8 Sleeve

Natural linen Amazon Fire HD 8 sleeve. If you are looking for a Fire HD 8 sleeve, you should visit Etsy, not Amazon. It’s the largest online marketplace with handmade and vintage items.

Just have a look at this beautiful sleeve made of natural washed linen, featuring a cozy design, and a large outer pocket for cables. The sleeve has a layer of 5 mm lightweight foam to protect the tablet from scratches, bumps, dirt, and grime.

⇢ Etsy – $14.90


Pochette Gavotte Kindle Amazon Fire HD 8 handmade linen sleeve

Handmade linen Fire HD 8 sleeve. It is probably the most elegant item in this overview. The sleeve from Pochette Gavotte is available in several colors, but we’ve picked cloudy green with charming, beautiful hand-painted polka dots.

The sleeve is padded with 3 mm upholstery foam for better protection and features a natural wooden button closure on top. On the front, you’ll see a stylish Pochette Gavotte stamp.

⇢ Etsy – $26.99


Original Amazon Fire HD 8 covers

Original Amazon Fire HD 8 case cover. Obviously, you can always get the original case from Amazon. While it’s one of the most expensive accessories in this overview, it offers maximum compatibility with the tablet, both when it comes to features and color code.

The case is made from premium materials. The microfiber interior is pretty standard, but the material used on the outside stands out – just look how it catches the light! Plus, this case from Amazon offers an original way to use it as a stand – you fold the front cover – once.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99


Caseable case for Amazon Fire HD 8 tablets

Caseable designer case covers for Amazon Fire HD 8. If you want to be sure you’ll have a case nobody else has, make sure to visit Caseable. The site offers multiple designs for Fire tablets – not a few, not a few dozens, but hundreds!

You will love the graphics. They are created by most talented designers from around the world and curated by the Caseable team. What’s more, you will be able to personalize the visual you select.

⇢ Caseable – €29.99

Amazon Fire HD 10 cases


Lightweight Fire HD 10 case with flexible back

Lightweight stand case with flexible back. From Dadanism comes the cover that features the back shell that’s made of soft and flexible TPU rubber.

The soft rubber gives two benefits. First, it makes it easy to remove or install the case. Secondly, it will help you better grip the tablet, as the rubber prevents the case from slipping from your hands.

⇢ Amazon – $9.95


Original Amazon Fire HD 10 case cover

Official Amazon Fire HD 10 case cover. If you have owned Amazon’s tablet, you probably know this design. It’s not only about the perfect shape of the back shell with precise cutouts for buttons and microSD slot. It’s also about the range of colors. They are meant to match the available colors of the tablet itself perfectly.

There is one thing I have some doubts. It’s the way the stand is being set. The front cover is folded once. It’s a good solution when you put the tablet on the desk or any other flat surface. I, doubt, however, if the stand would serve its purpose if you are going to watch a movie on a sofa or in bed.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99


Turtle shell protective Fire 10-inch case

Heavy-duty turtle shell flexible case. The case features unique turtle shell design for enhanced shock protection. Additionally, raised supports are designed for better grip. There is an ultra thick (but light) silicone filling with perforated shock absorbing design which doubles as a heat vent that removes the heat from the back of the tablet.

Plus, the speaker cutouts direct the sound toward the user, so you can enjoy the sound to the fullest.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99


Felt Amazon Fire HD 10 Sleeve

100% felt Amazon Fire HD 10 sleeve. Do you like felt? You can have a stylish sleeve made from it. Let’s have a look at the one hand-crafted from a 4 mm felt, available in several color options, not only natural light or dark felt.

To receive the sleeve that exactly fits your Kindle Fire HD 10, make sure to give its details (name and dimensions) in a message to seller when placing an order.

⇢ Etsy – $22


Tri-fold Amazon Fire HD 10 case with transparent back

Slim tri-fold cover with transparent back. The case has everything you expect from this kind of design: an ability to turn into a multi-position stand, support for auto wake/sleep feature, as well as the right balance between small weight and high durability.

Plus, the case features a back shell that’s made of transparent hard plastic, letting you enjoy the view of your Fire all the time.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99


Double-sided slim cover for Amazon Fire HD 10

Double-sided slim cover. Another type of tri-fold covers to consider is the one that features the design not only on the front side, but also on the back.

Take a look at the case from TiMOVO. The pattern you see on the tri-fold front is being repeated on the back. There are several design variants to choose from.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99


Pochette Gavotte premium fabric sleeve for Fire HD 10 tablet

Premium fabric sleeve for Fire HD 10. If you are not interested in the case, but would rather go for a sleeve, Etsy is the best destination to explore. The sleeve you see above is made of sturdy unbleached cotton duck fabric and crafted traditionally from Kurashiki city known for making Japanese selvage jeans.

In a message to seller, please provide the name and exact dimensions of your Fire HD 10 tablet.

⇢ Etsy – $28


Waterproof sleeve bag with USB charging port

Waterproof sleeve with USB charging port. Released by Domiso, this multipurpose sleeve bag has a great urban look and comes with two very useful and unique features.

First, it sports an external USB port. Thanks to that, you can put your power bank inside the large external pocket, and connect your phone via the port. Secondly, the sleeve comes with a cable hole, you can use to put another USB cable or a headphone jack.

The sleeve offers 5-layer protection against water, shock, dust, and scratches. Moreover, you can use the sleeve as a backpack, thanks to shoulder strap.

⇢ Amazon – $19.99


Premium dark felt and leather Fire HD 10 sleeve

Genuine leather & felt sleeve. This premium-looking sleeve is hand-crafted by Narmont from 4 mm felt and genuine leather. Felt is soft and durable, and it will increase the level of protection against scratches, bumps, or dirt. The sleeve closes with metal buttons.

When making an order, make sure to select an option “Other tablet size,” and provide the name and dimensions of your 10-inch Fire in a “message to seller” field.

⇢ Etsy – from $33


Stylish shockproof slim case for Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

Stylish shockproof folio stand case. The case looks and feels very premium. It features a stylish texture on the outside and a slim folio shape.

The interior is made from a soft microfiber to protect the display from scratches and dust. The case can be transformed into a stand – vertical or horizontal – and supports auto wake/sleep.

⇢ Amazon – $21.99


Bluetooth keyboard Fire HD 10 case cover

Detachable Bluetooth keyboard case with stylus holder. Are you looking for a keyboard case for your new Fire HD 10? Take a look at the one from Fintie. The keyboard is magnetically detachable so that you can remove it from the case when you don’t need it.

The keys are made from a premium ABS material. They give the feel of using the real laptop computer, with a tactile key response, helping you type more efficiently.

⇢ Amazon – $42.99


Designer Amazon Fire HD 10 folio case

Trendy floral folio stand case. Folio case from MoKo is one of the best-rated Fire HD 10 covers. It has everything you need to enjoy the entertaining world of the 10-inch Fire: support for auto sleep/wake feature, built-in flap stand with two angles, stylus loop, and interior hand strap for comfortable one-handed use.

The MoKo range includes over 40 designs, the most famous ones among them. However, we would love to draw your attention to a few new floral variants (see examples above) that will fit perfectly the color scheme of the Fire HD 10 2019 tablet.

⇢ Amazon – $21.99

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Amazon Fire accessories


Bontend 360-degree tablet stand - fits all Amazon Fire tablets

360-degree tablet stand with camera adapter. This desk stand is a perfect way to turn the Amazon Fire into a multi-functional device. The solid aluminum base comes with and-slip rubber pads.

Thanks to 360-degree angle adjustability and side holder, you can use your Fire as a kitchen TV, video call stand, monitor for a Bluetooth keyboard, or presentation display. With Show Mode on, it’s basically an Echo Show speaker.

⇢ Amazon – $28.50


Wan Living natural tablet pillow stand - compatible with all Amazon Fire tablets

Wan Living Natural Tablet Pillow Stand. For sofa surfers, a much better option is a tablet pillow stand. It’s cozy and comfortable.

The one offered by Wan Living is also natural, as it’s made of 24-oz cotton canvas fabric. The stand is stitched using extra-strong seams and is filled with plastic HDPE beads that conform to your device and will not mold.

⇢ Amazon – $18.90


512 GB microSD memory card for Amazon Fire tablets

High-capacity Micro SDXC card with adapter. One of the biggest benefits of Amazon Fire tablets is the support for microSD cards that can store up to 512 GB of data.

With the memory card, you will be able to download to your new Fire a ton of movies, audiobooks, or songs for offline use. Plus, you can use the card with more than one tablet, making it a long-term investment.

One of the best cards on the market, while still being very affordable, is Samsung Evo Select. It offers a read speed of 100 MB/s, and write speed of 90MB/s. The card waterproof, shockproof, and X-Ray proof. It comes together with a full size adapter for use in cameras, laptops, and desktop computers

The card is available in five capacity variants, from 64 to 512 GB.

⇢ Amazon – from $11.99


Lamicall car headrest tablet holder

Durable car headrest tablet holder. From Lamicall comes a solid tablet holder that you can mount to the headrest of the front seat in the car. The handle can rotate 360 degrees so that your kids can adjust the display to achieve the best viewing position.

The Lamicall tablet mount holder was made of aluminum and ABS materials. It’s sturdy, odorless, and can fit even 10.5-inch tablets, so the Fire models recently released will fit perfectly.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99


MobileVision 10-port charging station for tablets, smarpthones, Kindle, and other electronic devices

10-port charging station. A smart solution for a family that has multiple tablets. This universal charging station is made of bamboo and allows for charging ten devices at the same time.

Pairing this ultimate charging dock with one or two USB charging strips of your choice allows you to organize precious devices and hide messy cables from sight neatly.

⇢ Amazon – $69.99


Anker portable power bank

Anker PowerCore 13000 portable charger. You can enjoy using Amazon Fire tablets for up to twelve hours on one battery charge, but having an emergency power source is always a good idea.

A light and compact power charger from Anker has super-high 13000 mAh capacity, and you can charge two devices at once using high-speed-charging USB. High-Speed Charging Technology combines PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to deliver a maximum speed charge to any mobile device.

⇢ Amazon – $27.99

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Where to buy Amazon Fire case covers and accessories?

What if you won’t find here the Amazon Fire case or accessory that perfectly suits your needs? You can check out online stores offering the largest number of dedicated cases and accessories – and Amazon is just the start:

Amazon – owners of Amazon-branded devices often end up with the original accessory in the basket. However, we strongly recommend exploring what third-party producers offer. When you perform a search storewide, you’ll see the results from “Electronics” section – and here you’ll find out thousands of cases.

Best Buy – the range of offered accessories is pretty limited, but the online store is worth checking out if you want to buy Amazon Fire accessories at reduced prices.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable accessories. Sometimes, you can pick up here the case that’s the same as the branded one you’ve found on Amazon but costs two-thirds of the price. Worth checking if you’re interested in exploring budget options.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. There are a plenty of Amazon Kindle Fire jackets to choose from. If you want to get an insanely cute or uniquely stylish sleeve – look no further than Etsy.

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Interested in Amazon Fire tablet tips, news, and lists? Make sure to read on:

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