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The benefits of reading for pleasure (infographic)

What can you do to support reading for pleasure

Sheer pleasure is not the only good thing about spending free time with books.

Reading can reduce stress by 68%, and it only takes 6 minutes to achieve that. Interested in finding out other benefits of reading for pleasure?

Check out an interesting infographic created by Lenny Dutton, a technology teacher and digital librarian, running An Excited Educator blog.

By reading for pleasure you’ll not only develop personally, and become a better person. It’s also good for educational purposes, especially when we manage to get kids to love reading books.

Supporting a child’s love for reading is one of the best things you can do for them. By giving them this gift you support both their educational and emotional needs.

Lenny Dutton created this infographic using Pikochart, a popular online infographic creator. It’s the single most useful tool to turn interesting data into an amazing, professionally looking visual. Many libraries use Pikochart to promote their services to communities.

Click or tap on the image below to enlarge it. On Pikochart you can also turn on a presentation mode of the infographic.

The benefits of reading for pleasure #infographic

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