Freshly made images to support Banned Books Week

New images prepared to support Banned Books Week combine well-known book quotes with little-known facts about book censorship.

Banned Books Week is coming. To support it more than just sharing pictures made by the others, we designed our own ones.

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A sheer statement “I read banned books” is the most impactful way of celebrating the freedom to read.

However, do you know one lifetime is not enough to read all the books banned or challenged in the U.S. in the recent 30 years?

That’s the idea of the images: to highlight a little-known fact about book banning and challenging in the U.S:

  • since 1982, well over 11 thousand titles were banned or challenged in the United States,
  • up to 80% of the book challenges are never reported.

The figures are provided by the American Library Association (ALA), and can be found on the Banned Books Week website. For further reference, make sure to visit the banned books section of the ALA site.

Click or tap on the images to enlarge them. And, of course, feel free to share them with your friends and followers.

Banned Books Week images to share


So many (banned) books so little time #BannedBooksWeek

So many (banned) books, so little time.

–Frank Zappa

Since 1982, over 11,300 books have been banned or challenged in the U.S. only.


Read the best (banned) books first #BannedBooksWeek

Read the best (banned) books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.

–Henry David Thoreau

American Library Association estimates that 70 to 80 percent of book challenges are never reported.

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