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What you should know about iPad Pro 2020 case compatibility

Are iPad Pro cases compatible with the older model? Yes
Are iPad Pro 2020 cases compatible with the older model? Yes

Dimensions of the iPad Pro models released in 2020 and their predecessors are the same, but the cross-compatibility works only one way.

The 2020 iPad Pro models have the same dimensions, shape, and the positions of ports, buttons, speakers and microphones – except one thing that makes a big difference: camera panel.

The new models come with two cameras on the back: wide and a new ultra wide. The camera panel is raised above the surface and looks similar to iPhone Pro. Most importantly, it takes more space than the rear camera and flash in the 2018 model. This change refers to both the smaller 11-inch and bigger 12.9-inch variant.

The good thing is that the location of the camera panel is the same. Thanks to that, every case that’s designed for iPad Pro 2020 will also fit the 2018 model, but it doesn’t work the other way round.

Therefore, here are the rules:

Are iPad Pro 2020 cases compatible with the 2018 model? Yes

Are iPad Pro 2018 cases compatible with the 2020 model? No

In other words, the cutout for cameras in a case tailored for iPad Pro 2020 is large enough not to cover the camera and flash in the 2018 model. But the Smart Folio you have bought for your iPad Pro in 2018 will cover a right side of the camera panel in the iPad Pro model released in 2020.

In the table below, you will see a comparison of case and accessory compatibility. Again, it refers to all cases you buy from now on.

The good thing is that the newest Magic Keyboard is compatible with 2018 models as well.

Apple iPad Pro 2020 vs. 2018 models – accessories compatibility

Accessory iPad Pro 2020 iPad Pro 2018
Magic Keyboard Yes Yes
Smart Keyboard Folio Yes Yes
Smart Keyboard No No
Smart Folio Yes Yes
Apple Pencil 2 Yes Yes
Apple Pencil 1 No No
Release date March 25, 2020 November 7, 2018

Below, you will see the merged screenshots with a location of ports, microphones, connectors, and speakers in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Vertical descriptions are from the 2018 generation, horizontal ones are from the 2020 specs chart. As you see, everything is in the same position, except Nano-SIM tray, but it doesn’t affect the use of the case.

iPad Pro 2020 vs. 2018 - position of ports connectors speakers microphones

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