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10 most creative bookmobiles from around the world (infographic)

Coolest bookmobiles libraries on wheels - Tell a Story

The infographic is a fun way to learn about BiebBus, Tell a Story, The Digital Bookmobile, Biblioburro, or Words on Wheels.

Since the mid 1800s, bookmobiles have been an extremely helpful tool to make library books and services available to communities in distant areas.

The greatest thing of all is that libraries on wheels are not gone. And they are more creative than ever before.

An infographic designed by the team from Siege Media for Car Rentals, called 10 funky bookmobiles around the world, takes you to a fascinating bookmobile tour.

Ten most creative contemporary mobile libraries are included in the visual, from the Argentinian Weapon of Mass Instruction to Lisbon’s Tell a Story, to the tram library operating in Prague, to the Biblioburro donkey-drawn trolley bringing books to children in rural areas of Colombia.

Each bookmobile comes with a set of helpful facts (location, kind, launch date, and creator) plus an interesting fun facts.

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution. Make sure to visit the original post to read more about the bookmobiles.

Coolest bookmobiles libraries on wheels - full infographic

Via Car Rentals Blog.

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