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No one noticed that Amazon has introduced a gorgeous Kindle cover made from cork

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Amazon cork Kindle cover is available in Tan and Brown color variant

The newly-released cover costs $44.99, is available in two color variants, and is both eco-friendly and water-safe. So far, you can buy it for Kindle Paperwhite.

Are you the Kindle user who trusts only original Amazon accessories, willing to pay more for ultimate compatibility and highest quality?

So far, if you wanted to buy original Amazon cover for your Kindle, you could choose between fabric and leather variants. The first one is waterproof but feels artificial; the latter is natural but not waterproof.

Have you noticed, while exploring Father’s Day 2019 Kindle deals, that a new original Kindle case has appeared on Amazon?

When I saw it for the first time, my level of adrenaline has jumped. It’s made of cork!

The case offers exactly the same lightweight design as current Amazon covers, but instead of fabric or leather, you will see the naturally-occurring cork. Thanks to that, each individual cover is unique.

The new cork Kindle cover costs $44.99, and so far it’s only available for Kindle Paperwhite. Opposite to leather cover, it’s waterproof, which perfectly complements the waterproof Paperwhite 4 model.

You can pick up either the Tan or Brown version.

Amazon launches new Kindle cork cover made of natural cork

The lighter Tan version comes with a white plastic frame on the back, while the Brown variant goes better with the black color.

What’s important, opposite to fabric and leather variants, the cork is used instead of microfiber on internal surfaces.

$1 per unit is donated to Earth Day Canopy Project

The case was introduced back in April, on Earth Day 2019. $1 of its price is donated to support Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project.

To further highlight eco-friendliness of the new cork cover, Amazon claims that 23-27% of its base is made from post-consumer recycled content.

Will the cork cover be released for other Kindle models? Amazon is obviously testing the new design. So far, it has only two customer reviews. The price is higher than both the fabric ($29.99) and “regular” leather ($39.99) variant. However, it’s still cheaper than the premium leather rustic cover.

The next model in line for cork cover is Kindle Oasis. I doubt Amazon will develop the new variant for the basic Kindle model. Its price would be too high compared with the price of the e-reader.

What do you think of the new cork cover for Kindle Paperwhite? Is it something that’s worth its price? Which variant do you like more?

⇢ Cork Kindle cover

Original Amazon cork water-safe cover for Kindle Paperwhite

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