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The updated Kindle iOS app offers revamped menu; still no auto theme switching

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Amazon Kindle app for iPad iPhone - February 2020 update

The redesigned menu puts together all settings that are related to book reading. You no longer need to use the app’s general menu for that.

Amazon has just released a new version of the popular Kindle book app for iPad and iPhone, so if you have not turned on automatic app updates, make sure to open App Store app on your device and download the new version manually.

The biggest and most visible enhancement is the formatting menu that you can reach in the book-reading view by tapping the “Aa” icon in the top right.

The menu is totally redesigned, with bigger and bolder design elements, and better font size control. Most importantly, it now includes the settings that were previously available in the app’a main menu.

The “Aa” is now not only the sheer font or formatting menu, but the settings panel that puts together everything that you could possibly want to adjust when you are in the book-reading view.

Th settings are grouped into three segments, with brightness control being available in all of them.

Font – this section is being opened by default. You can choose the font face from the slide bar, and control the font size. The latter option comes with marked levels (there are 14 of them), so that you can adjust the size to your exact needs.

Layout – the second section includes formatting options (line spacing, alignment, and orientation lock). From here, you can also choose the preferred background color – a theme for reading a book.

More – the segment includes extra settings that were moved from the main menu: popular highlights, clock visibility, highlights menu, or page-turn animation.

I’d love to see in the Kindle for iOS app a setting that automatically adjusts the theme to the general iOS display mode – if I set the display to automatically switch to dark mode, I’d want to see it reflected in the Kindle app. And I’m not talking about the app’s general theme, the one that’s available when you are in the library view. I’m talking about the background color in the book-reading view.

I realize that it’s not easy, as you have four background colors to choose from: White, Sepia, Green, and Black. To make automatic theme switching work, the user would have to pick up the preferred color for the day and night view. It’s the next setting to implement, I know, but it’s an extremely convenient feature, especially when other apps have been offering it for some time.

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