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6 steps to read more books – more efficiently (infographic)

How to read more books more efficiently

Do you want to read more books? Finding enough time is one part of the story. The other one is how you read.

You can read faster and comprehend more, if you remember about a few simple tips that will help you develop the right habit.

From Satori Studio comes a concise infographic that lists six steps to make you more efficient in reading:

  1. Compile the preliminary long list of titles.
  2. Distill the list into your master reading list.
  3. Decide on your next book using the developed list.
  4. Pre-read the book to get the big picture.
  5. Read the selected book in full form maximum value.
  6. Revisit the book later to improve assimilation.

The infographic shows also a list of platforms that offer convenient book summaries. Blinkist, Soundview, and GetAbstract are worth checking out!

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

6 steps to read more books more efficiently - full infographic

Via Infographic Bee.

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