What are the best sci-fi books of all time? (infographic)

Top science fiction novels of all time - list and infographic

This infographic list of the best all-time science fiction books is focusing on artificial intelligence, time travel, and space exploration.

To celebrate Science Fiction Day on January 2, Global English Editing, an online editing and proofreading service, specializing in academic and business writing, has released an infographic every book lover would be excited to explore, analyze, and share.

The visual lists 16 novels that are, according to GEE team, the best in the science fiction genre.

You will quickly notice that some best-known books, such as 1984 or The Man in the High Castle are missing. It’s because the infographic doesn’t take into consideration neither dystopian nor alternative history books, not mentioning fantasy.

Science fiction stories usually exist in settings some way connected to our current human experience. Sci-fi also almost always features some sort of scientific or technological advancement that significantly influences the story line.

A description of each book is accompanied by interesting fun facts, not only about the novel itself, but also movie adaptations or cultural events.

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

The best science fiction novels of all time - full infographic

Via Global English Editing Blog.

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