Interesting: books written about major cities over time (chart)

Bēhance is a great source of visual inspiration, and I visit it frequently – not only to see some of the most stunning visuals on the web, but also to check out new graphics that refer to books and reading.

And I’ve just found a really fantastic chart on Bēhance. Designed by Edgard Barbosa, a graphic design student from Florida, it’s a visual representation of books written about major cities over time, between 1800 and 2000.

Data was gathered via Google N-Gram Viewer. Books written in English language are counted, and the cities chosen for comparison are London, New York, Rome, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, Beijing, Mumbai, and Cairo.

Not surprisingly, London and New York are most interesting locations for book authors, and it doesn’t really change over time. We also see here cities that fade out, Rome and Madrid, with the latter one enjoying the attention till 30s of the 20th century. Beijing and Mumbai entered English-language literature as late as in the last 50 years.

Books about cities infographic

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