Zazzle celebrates World Book Day 2022 with 20% off on everything

World Book Day 2022 on Zazzle
World Book Day 2022 on Zazzle
World Book Day 2022 – save 20% on Zazzle / Artworks from Geek Updated Zazzle Store

This weekend, you can save 20% on everything you add to the basket when you apply a special coupon code at checkout.

Zazzle is a leading online marketplace offering designs from independent artists on hundreds of products and product variants. Customers can personalize most of these products by adding a custom text or reusing product templates to create designs from scratch.

Yesterday, the company sent emails to their users informing them about a special promotion that celebrates World Book Day 2022. If you buy a product on Zazzle and apply the code WKENDTREAT4U at checkout, a 20% discount will be applied to your basket immediately.

The promotion’s theme is World Book Day 2022, which book lovers around the world celebrate today. The good thing is that you can save 20% by buying any product on Zazzle, not only the one from selected categories or related to books and reading.

How much time do you have to take advantage of the current deal? It’s obviously a limited-time offer, but Zazzle doesn’t provide any details. However, the name of the coupon – WKENDTREAT4U – suggests that the deal is valid during a weekend, so it will end on Sunday 24, 2022, at midnight.

As I am a Zazzle customer and artist, I observe the deals on a daily basis, and they usually last for a few days – or even hours. You can save up to 20% if the promotion includes all products from all categories. Much higher price cuts (even 40%) are offered in category specific deals.

To save even more today, you can explore my collection of gifts for book lovers on Zazzle. For a limited time, I have reduced my artist margin to 5-7.5%, while most artists use a default fee set at 10%.

Is it worth signing up for Zazzle?

You may wonder whether it makes sense to register to another online store. New credentials to remember, and all that for just one purchase.

Online stores like Zazzle, Society6, or Redbubble offer unique products that you won’t find on Amazon or Best Buy. You can be as specific as possible, and you will most probably find an artwork that meets your needs.

Zazzle offers millions of designs on hundreds of products
Zazzle offers products from independent artists that are available on hundreds of products and product categories / Photos: Zazzle

What’s more, a single design is available on dozens or even hundreds of different products. It’s possible because a product is produced after you place an order.

The print-on-demand approach comes with one major disadvantage, especially when you set Amazon’s one-day delivery as a reference. It takes time for a product to arrive. It’s not days. It can be weeks.

If you want to give Zazzle a try, you can sign up any time: click on the “Sign In” button in the top right corner, and then on the “Create new account” link at the bottom. Make sure to enable email notifications about special offers. This way, you will pay about 20-40% less. The regular prices are too high, but the deals make them closer to Amazon’s level.

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There are many ways to celebrate this year’s World Book Day. One of them is Read the World 2022, a special giveaway by Amazon. Ten most interesting books written by authors from around the world are offered for free by April 27, 2022.

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