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These iconic vintage posters teach how to use the library (pictures)

Wonderful vintage library posters by Cynthia Amrine

Vintage library posters designed by Cynthia Amrine from the 1965 book Using your library: 32 posters for classroom and library / Image source: UWM Libraries

Library posters designed in 1960s by Cynthia Amrine are a touch of nostalgia and a ton of advice.

Are you sure you know how to navigate the library? Here are some great images that may help you become a library champ.

These great illustrations were designed for F.A. Owen Publishing Company by Cynthia Amrine, the author of many library and book posters from the 50s and 60s.

You’ll find them in a book Using your library: 32 posters for classroom and library, written by Mary Joan Egan, and published in 1965 by Instructor Publications.

The posters were designed to encourage schoolchildren and students to use the library and teach to make the most of it. I realized they are more helpful now than in the 60s. Nowadays most people know how to search the virtual world and not the real one.

All the images presented below were shared on the web by the team at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, from their copy of Using Your Library.

Vintage library posters by Cynthia Amrine


Vintage library posters - Books Are Arranged

Vintage library posters: Books Are Arranged…


Vintage library posters - In the Library

Vintage library posters: In the Library.


Vintage library posters - Know Your Way Around

Vintage library posters: Know Your Way Around.


Vintage library posters - Sample Catalog Cards

Vintage library posters: Sample Catalog Cards.


Vintage library posters - Take a Book Today

Vintage library posters: Take a Book Today.


Vintage library posters - The Card Catalog

Vintage library posters: The Card Catalog.


Vintage library posters - Ways to Find Good Books

Vintage library posters: Ways to Find Good Books.


Vintage library posters - A Library Champ

Vintage library posters: A Library Champ.

Vintage library posters – collage

Vintage library posters from 1965 designed by Cynthia Amrine

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All images: UWM Libraries. Via Slate.

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