The ultimate English grammar cheat sheet (infographic)

The ultimate grammar cheat sheet - confusing words

English is the world’s most popular language, and the ability to use it fluently is a must-have skill for anyone who wants to reach an international audience.

No matter whether you are a social media guru, a blogger, or an aspiring writer – and no matter whether English is your native or second language – you have to keep improving it every day.

The Expert Editor, one of the world’s leading professional editing service, has released a new infographic that collects all essential English grammar tips.

It pays to master English grammar, even if you’re a native English speaker. All it takes is a little attention to detail, and the ability to remember how to get around a few of the language’s quirks.

The infographic includes four major parts:

  • 6 grammar errors that can affect your storytelling,
  • 10 confusing words and how to cope with them,
  • 10 alternatives for top emotions,
  • 10 tips to master your proofreading.

Click or tap the visual to see it in full resolution.

The ultimate English grammar cheat sheet #infographic

Via The Expert Editor Blog.

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