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Best iPad case brands on Amazon, based on reviews, designs, and customer service

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An overview of the best iPad case brands on Amazon

Over 50,000 iPad cases are available on Amazon. Make sure to buy the ones that are offered by most reliable and trusted sellers.

For a long time, Amazon was not a reliable place to buy iPads. Apple tablets were offered by third-party sellers, with some of them having a disputable reputation, and others offering prices higher than official.

Things changed in autumn 2018, when Apple and Amazon signed a deal to start official Apple Reseller Store on Amazon.

Since that time more and more customers head to Amazon to buy newest iPad models, which are usually a few dollars cheaper than in official Apple sales channels.

And when you have an iPad in a shopping basket, you are tempted to search for cases and accessories – you are in the biggest online store, after all, right?

The only problem with Amazon as a source of iPad-related products is that there are too many of them. When you search for “iPad case,” well over 50,000 results are returned. Compare it with a few cases in the Apple online store.

Brands that appear on top of Amazon search results don’t always guarantee best quality and highly rated customer service. Sometimes a vendor is just first to offer a case for a newly launched iPad model – this case is still in development; the seller has just created a set of new product visualizations. Sometimes a vendor buys ads in search results or puts a lot of effort to rank high on Amazon search pages.

How to spot the best iPad cases on Amazon, then?

Going through a set of product photos is clearly not enough, especially that most of these photos are, well, quite ugly, and focus on explaining features that users know very well already.

Signals customers usually take into consideration are reviews and average ratings. We also suggest checking out “Amazon Choice” badge, inclusion in directories custom-picked by Amazon staff, and going through the list of related products other customers were searching for. Comparison tables Amazon provides for select products is also a signal that these products are the best choice in a given category.

We share overviews of the best iPad cases since 2012, long before it was cool. And some third-party iPad case producers were much better than others. We present them below.

Top 5 iPad case brands on Amazon


Best iPad case brands on Amazon - Fintie offers composition book designs
Best iPad case producers that sell on Amazon - Fintie offers keyboard cases
Fintie is among most popular third-party iPad case brands on Amazon

Fintie sells on Amazon for years and for many customers it is a top-of-the-mind brand when it comes to iPad cases.

But the company offers a lot more: cases and accessories for other tablet brands (Amazon Fire, Samsung, among others); accessories for smart watches, including Apple Watch; camera & printer peripherals; and smart home appliances.

Fintie’s iPad cases often become Amazon Choice product, and it means that in customers’ eyes they are better than others. Average rating for each and every iPad case from Fintie is always well above 4.0/5, and in many cases it’s higher than 4.5/5.

What I love about Fintie is that they are often first to offer innovative art work. Some of the Amazon’s most popular designs, naming only Starry Night or Composition Book, are still in Fintie’s offer.

Next benefit of Fintie is a wide range of different case models. You can get here not only thin Smart Cover alternatives, but also folio stand cases (with a plastic or leather case), lightweight covers with detachable Bluetooth keyboards, and kid-friendly cases.

⇢ Fintie


Top iPad case third-party sellers on Amazon - Moko innovative designs
The best third-party iPad cases on Amazon are offered by MoKo
Best Apple iPad case brands to find on Amazon - MoKo offers heavy-duty cases

When you ask me what iPad case brand is better, Fintie or MoKo, I will have a hard time deciding. These two vendors go head to head when it comes to diverse offer and reasonable prices.

Both Fintie and MoKo sell the most popular case models, naming only the tri-fold alternative to Smart Cover, and they even happen to have similar art work. So, the only evaluation that’s left is which design variant you like more.

However, MoKo drew my attention a few times by offering highly innovative iPad cases. One of them is the case that’s made of an advanced carbon fiber (see the red case above) which is extremely strong and light, but also has a unique visual appeal.

If you are looking for premium iPad sleeves, you should also make sure to explore the ones offered by MoKo.

⇢ MoKo


Best iPad case brands on Amazon - Zugu heavy-duty cases
Shop Zugu iPad heavy-duty cases on Amazon
Zugu is among most reliable iPad case brands on Amazon

Zugu is so different from most other case vendors on Amazon. The company is focusing on developing one kind of case for one tablet brand: Apple iPad.

Zugu is all about premium quality combined with enhanced protection and advanced features. And you can have it for a fraction of price you’ll have to pay for a plain Smart Cover.

No matter which iPad model you own, Zugu cases share these most sought-after benefits: kick stand with seven to ten view angles; display functionality using built-in strong magnets; car industry materials similar to those used by Mercedes Benz; 360-degree 5-feet drop protection; strikingly lightweight design, and one-year warranty.

⇢ Zugu


Infiland is one of the best vendors that offer iPad cases on Amazon
Infiland - top iPad cover brands on Amazon
Recommended iPad case sellers on Amazon - Infiland

Infiland is a brand that first comes when you want to buy a solid third-party Smart Cover alternative – for an affordable price, and soon after a new iPad model is released.

Opposite to Fintie or MoKo, you won’t find many colorful, floral, artistic cases in the Infiland range. Just the opposite – the cases are minimalist, have an executive touch, and offer a carefully chosen combination of colors and materials.

What’s important, for several iPad models, Infiland gives warranty, which varies from 12 months to lifetime. The seller is also known for having a friendly, quickly responding customer service.

⇢ Infiland


Top iPad case sellers on Amazon - ESR is all about the looks
Best Apple Case sellers on Amazon - ESR offers classic folio covers
ESR is one of the best sellers of iPad covers on Amazon

When you start looking for iPad cases on Amazon, you quickly realize most product photos lack the quality of original Apple covers. Yes, I’m taking about the quality of photos, not cases themselves.

For an Apple addict, it takes some time to accept terrible lighting and composition, or an ever worse use of annotations that explain well-known features such as auto sleep & wake support or a built-in stand.

One of the exceptions is ESR. The company doesn’t offer as many case models as Fintie or MoKo, but the first time you see a single case, you think “Oh, finally, I’m at home.”

One thing is that the photos are better than what other case sellers show, but there is also the use of premium materials that make a difference. And ESR’s cases offer a classic premium look combined with attention to details.


Other recommended iPad case brands on Amazon

There are hundreds of other vendors that offer Apple accessories on Amazon, including iPad cases and covers

  • UAG – yes, these iconic rugged iPad cases are also available on Amazon! Built using feather-light composite structure, they meet military-grade drop tests.
  • Supcase – if you need a solid protective iPad case with a spaceship design and bold color combinations.
  • ULAK – the company offers popular case models but with creatively refreshing approach to design, such as transparent back shell covered with floral print.
  • Ztotop – a company offers a wide range of cases and covers for all current iPad models. Classic, book-style cases made of faux leather are among the company’s most popular designs.
  • ProCase – besides slim Apple Smart Cover alternatives, ProCase offers also heavy-duty iPad cases for kids, as well and keyboard cases.
  • DTTO – the vendor is worth checking out if you are looking for a wide range of color variants for the most popular tri-fold case design.

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