Get Kindle Unlimited free trial one more time with this simple tip

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Has your Kindle Unlimited just ended? You can get one more month for free – a next free trial – with this simple tip.

Usually, when you sign up for a subscription-based service (such as Netflix or Amazon Prime), you are eligible for a free trial. In case of Kindle Unlimited – a popular subscription giving access to over 1.4 million books, magazines, and audiobooks or Amazon Prime – it’s 30 days.

By default, one customer is eligible for one free trial. Therefore, if you cancel the subscription and want to resubscribe, you will not enjoy the free trial for the second time.

Obviously, you can sign up to the service using a different email address, and get another 30 days of free use, if you need more time to make up your mind.

There is, however, a better and easier way to extend your Kindle Unlimited for free. Most importantly, you can do it using the same Amazon account.

For some time, Amazon customers who cancel Kindle Unlimited see a special deal that gives them 1 month free of charge. It’s like you get a free trial again.

All you have to do is visit Amazon website, sign in with the same credentials you have used for your previous Kindle Unlimited membership, and go to the Kindle Unlimited sign up page. You should see a special deal that’s tailored for you. It says the limited-time offer gives 1 month of Kindle Unlimited for $0.00 instead of $9.99 and then the subscription renews at $9.99 per month.

Renew Kindle Unlimited subscription one month free

Although it looks like a limited time deal, I’ve seen it already twice, after I canceled my Kindle Unlimited subscription. What’s even more interesting is that recently I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited via the brilliant two-months-for-free deal and canceled the service during the free period, not paying a penny for a subscription. And you know what, I am still eligible for this deal!

This promotion may end any time, but I think Amazon is using it as a tool to keep customers who stop their Kindle Unlimited subscription, so it does not cost you anything to see whether you can benefit from it.

In short

  • The deal is addressed to customers who have stopped their Kindle Unlimited subscription.
  • You can only see this deal when you are signed in to Amazon with the same credentials as your previous Kindle Unlimited.
  • You can see the deal by going to Kindle Unlimited sign up page.

When your Kindle Unlimited ends, you lose access to downloaded books the first time your Kindle or Kindle app is synced with Kindle cloud library. You will also lose your last-read positions.

However, your notes, highlights, and bookmarks are saved. Make sure to bookmark the last-read position before the subscription ends to easily find it when you get the book again.

Another way to lower the cost of this popular digital subscription is to grab one of Kindle Unlimited extend deals, where you can save between 20 and 40%, depending on the pre-paid plan.

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