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Ebook love 146

Ebook love #146 (picture)

My little pouch of e-readers and happiness ? #instabooks #ereader #nookglowlightplus #kindlevoyage #koboh2o #verabradley Shared by Tami on Instagram.

Friendly Staff April 12, 2018
Ebook love 145

Ebook love #145 (picture)

Another #gorgeousday What are you #currentlyreading ?? #chloeneill #bladebound hoping to finish today. Shared by Candice on Instagram.

Friendly Staff March 15, 2018
Ebook love 144

Ebook love #144 (picture)

So glad that #socksunday exists. I finally have a reason to take pics of my dope sock collection. ?? Today I hope…

Friendly Staff February 15, 2018
Ebook love 143

Ebook love #143 (picture)

In love with my new Kindle ❤ Shared by Nelly on Instagram.

Friendly Staff January 11, 2018
Ebook love 142

Ebook love #142 (picture)

Sunny England with a touch of Italian blue ? in the sky. Leicester, you’re gonna be missed. “Are people su unhappy when…

Friendly Staff December 28, 2017
Ebook love 141

Ebook love #141 (picture)

Was down all weekend with a killer sinus headache so I have a lot to catch up on today. But this is…

Friendly Staff December 7, 2017
Ebook love 140

Ebook love #140 (picture)

I am so excited I don’t know what to do with myself!! After waiting patiently for ages, Ruckus finally went live yesterday!!…

Friendly Staff November 23, 2017
Ebook love 139

Ebook love #139 (picture)

Those long weekend feels ☕️?. Currently reading The Twelve, the second book in Justin Cronin’s trilogy, because the final book came out…

Friendly Staff November 3, 2017
Ebook love 138

Ebook love #138 (picture)

Lazy #sunday – reading on the couch while the #dog naps nearby. I actually borrowed this #ebook from our local library ?…

Friendly Staff October 25, 2017
Ebook love 137

Ebook love #137 (picture)

Finally getting around to reading The Martian. Better late than never! ☕️ ?? Shared by Snowmads on Instagram.

Friendly Staff October 3, 2017
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