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Cartoons about ebooks, digital publishing, and the future of books.

Classic books reissued during coronavirus pandemic - cartoon

Classic books reissued for coronavirus pandemic (cartoon)

Another brilliant cartoon by John Atkinson!

Friendly Staff April 29, 2020
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10 reasons librarians are more important than ever

10 reasons librarians are more important than ever

From Common Sense comes a wonderful visual that lists reasons why, in our rapidly changing world, libraries and librarians matter more than ever before.

Friendly Staff April 26, 2020
World Book Day 2020 - cartoon by Tom Gauld

Early precursors to World Book Day (cartoon)

The World Book Day 2020 takes place in the United Kingdom on March 5, and Tom Gauld has created a clever cartoon to celebrate it.

Friendly Staff March 1, 2020
Reader's block - a cartoon by Grant Snider

Do you suffer from reader’s block? (cartoon)

Here is another incredible comic by Grant Snider. This time it was created for the NY Times Book Review.

Friendly Staff January 23, 2020
Booksellers of the future - cartoon by Tom Gauld

Booksellers of the future (cartoon)

Another fantastic cartoon created by Tom Gauld for the Guardian.

Friendly Staff April 13, 2019
Reading together with a kid - a cartoon by Grant Snider

Reading together with a kid (cartoon)

Here is a newest cartoon from our beloved Grant Snider (Incidental Comics).

Friendly Staff March 30, 2019
Why do you read - a cartoon by Debbie Tung

Why do you read? (cartoon)

The cartoon is included in Debbie Tung’s new book published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, Book Love.

Friendly Staff March 28, 2019

Rearranging the bookshelf (cartoon)

Another awesome cartoon by John Atkinson / Wrong Hands. More to check out:

Friendly Staff March 10, 2019
Why don't we do something outside - a cartoon by Debbie Tung

Why don’t we do something outside? (cartoon)

This is just one of dozens of gorgeous cartoons from a new book by Debbie Tung, Book Love.

Friendly Staff December 30, 2018
Novels edited for modern reader - a cartoon by Tom Gauld for The Guardian

Novels edited and republished for the modern reader (cartoon)

Tom Gauld’s newest cartoon for The Guardian imagines how the classic novels would look like if they were edited for the time-pressed…

Friendly Staff April 7, 2018
Twelve South BookBook Kindle Paperwhite cover

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Made with hand-distressed, genuine leather, this iconic vintage case cover enhances the joy of reading by putting a real book spine in your hands. BookBook is as interesting as the stories inside your Kindle Paperwhite.

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