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“Stay Home” is the new “Keep Calm” – here are some ideas to share

Stay Home and Read Books - free images to share

Take a look at “Keep Calm” meme images rewritten for the times of coronavirus. Feel free to share them with your friends and followers.

We have heard you. Following the Wash Your Hands series, we have prepared a set of images that relate to the famous “keep calm” meme by replacing the original text by “stay home.”

Many people find being locked down at home extremely difficult. However, many people realize they have finally enough time to read books.

You can start re-reading The Plague by Albert Camus to find answers to existential questions that appear out of nowhere. Or you can discover other novels about plagues and virus outbreaks.

Or you can do thousands of other things at home. You will never bet bored as long as you use 1% of your imagination.

The images you see below are free to share. You can publish them on your blog, post to Facebook and Twitter, or pin to your Pinterest board.

“Stay Home and Keep Calm” images to share


Stay home and keep calm

Stay home and keep calm.


Stay home and read a book

Stay home and read a book.


Stay home and write a book

Stay home and write a book.


Stay home and study on

Stay home and study on.


Stay home and borrow an ebook

Stay home and borrow an ebook.


Stay home and listen to audiobooks

Stay home and listen to audiobooks.


Stay home and read together

Stay home and read together.


Stay home and keep learning

Stay home and keep learning.

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