Reading time of popular books (infographic)

How long does it take to read popular books

It takes almost 100 hours to read Game of Thrones series, an infographic from Personal Creations shows.

Nowadays, when everyone is in a hurry, distracted by social media and the stream of unwanted information, it’s extremely difficult to focus on reading a book.

People tend to pick up shorter reads, as the popularity of this infographic may suggest.

When reaching for a book, we try to evaluate how much time will it take to finish it. A good e-reading app can tell you that the moment you open the book. Now you can learn it even easier.

Personal Creations, a website offering personalized gifts for every occasion, has created a wonderful chart that shows reading time and the number of words in 64 most popular books and book series.

The reading speed used for the calculation is 300 words per minute (this article on Forbes explains more).

Starting from the short classic, you can finish Antigone in just 36 minutes – a one-way trip in a daily life of a commuter.

If you want to read all books in A Song of Ice and Fire series (better known as the Game of Thrones) – non-stop, without any sleep and coffee break – it will take 4 days, 2 hours, and 20 minutes.

We spotted the infographics thanks to GalleyCat, one of the top ebook news sites.

Click or tap on the image below to see it in full resolution.

How long does it take to read popular #books (infographic)

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