Don’t wait for Prime Day – get 66% off 3 months of Audible right now

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Prime Day 2019 deal - save on three months of Audible membership

In a new Prime-exclusive deal, Amazon offers 3 months of Audible membership for just $4.95 per month.

Multiple deals are joining Prime Day 2019 store every day, and a new deal for audiobook lovers has just been officially released.

If you are a Prime subscriber, you can get 66% off 3 months of Audible membership. In other words, for the first three months, you will pay a $4.95 monthly fee instead of a regular price of $14.95.

When you grab this deal, the total cost for you for three months will be $14.85 versus the regular price of $44.85. It’s like you pay for one month, and enjoy audiobooks for two more months free of charge.

The deal is equally attractive as what was offered on Prime Day 2018. Although called “Prime Day deal,” this special offer is valid through July 31, 2019.

If you are interested in longer-term Audible deals, you can still get an annual Audible Gold membership for $119.50 instead of $149.50, which means you save $30. Plus, you will get a promo code that will let you buy Echo Dot, worth $49.99, for only $0.99.

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